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  1. zavo..if every one <other drivers> goes as lewis ,then what will happen o the race

    hitting others etc.

    i agree that lewis has the capability, but he doesnt have the patience.racing is not always aggression .but patience also matters.

    is alonso doing this ,he is a  champion ,how he driving the car ,he has not even one a single race this season.he not dirivig mad as lewis.but he is aggressive

    see raikonen ,he was not in form for the past races. then how patiently he waited ..& how he performed in belgium GP...???

    aggressin should be there in driving & not hitting others on track

    & trying to file a case

    if he was a good driver ,he should have seriously thought about other up coming races & how to win that

  2. buddy but i didnt like the front end of the new city.only good thing in design is that bulky back is now well shaped.

    grill is taken from accord .& those headlights: in my opinion it is too boring...<honda fans please excuse> <when i look the front ... i remember the headlights & shape of logan >

    it is also priced high 7.7 l for base version

    i personally think SX4 will me much better package. With 1.9l diesel SX4 coming city will face tough competition.