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    http://motorbeam.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/yamaha-fz16-review.jpg' target="_blank">The Yamaha FZ16 has been a highly awaited bike and is a very important

    bike for Yamaha. We thought reviewing the FZ16 is as important as

    reviewing a new Maruti car, so we did not delay in getting our hands on

    the Yamaha FZ16.

    To start off this bike has striking presence. The looks of this bike

    will be a major reason for its success. We all know that the Pulsar 150

    isint as great a bike as its sales figure suggests, its engine is not

    as refined either compared to the Unicorn but it does sell and how! One

    of the main reasons for the Pulsar 150 to sell so well is, it looks the

    part and the FZ16 makes the Pulsar look like a bike from last

    generation. After looking at the FZ16, i can confidently say that the

    bike is Definitely Male.

    Just like the Yamaha R15, the FZ16 has been wind tunnel tested for

    better aerodynamics. The engine is air cooled and uses a carburetor. A

    FI version would have made this bike really more desirable but then

    Yamaha had to price it sanely too. However the bike does ride pretty


    There is good amount of low end grunt, something which is missing in

    the R15. Though power of 14PS doesn

  2. priced at around 8,50,000

    Similar to the civic, the new city would get paddle shifts with the 5 speed

    Auto-box. Honda for the first time will default the history, the new generation

    city will co-exist with the current one. To facilitate this Honda may launch

    only two variants of new city. The new city will be available in four colours -

    white,red, polished metal and silver.

  3. designersf

    that will never happen .maruthi spares will be always available.because service stations other than dealerships get spares through local spares shop.not through dealerships.maruthi may have 800 dealers but there may be 5000 or more maruthi workshops/service station that too authorised by maruthi

    how will they get spares..!!!


    designersf...why you are complaining maruthi & the dealer

    if u want a spark plug just go and buy it from spares shop.soo..... simple  ..!!!

    & if you want to buy a car or get it serviced or for test drives  then only go to a dealer.

    for a  mere spark plug you went to a dealer ..i cant imagine.!!!

    mauthi or any other manufaturer is setting up dealerships only to sell car & not their spares.

    why you are unnecessarily creating problems for yourself.

    dealers keep spares for the vehicles that is being serviced by them..

  5. bajaj ,today launched platina 125 with an ex showroom price of 39,000 Rs

    bajaj expects to sell around 20,000-30,000 bikes.bajaj also said that the company will launch 2 new bikes in coming 6-7 months.


    now after 6 months we can expect platina 135 dtsi then,platina 150cc

    discover 150 cc & at last ...............in 2010 we can expect platina 220 dtsfi & discover 220 dtsfi...


  6. dont buy shine.its really a poor bike from honda.

    ride & handlig is ok.but with the lack of 5 th gear engine is doesnt perform well after 60 kmph

    .then after 50 kmph engine starts vibrating. engine is not refined.

    mileage is in the range of 55-60 kmpl

    i dont recommend the product .

    instead u can buy gladiator or stunner