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    new civic

    new city will be launched...soon....guys... minot tweaks
  2. ya .they will make some adjustments to the existng engine & launch alto.minor tweaks in styling ,graphics,colours,will be there. they are even trying to tune M800 engine for E 4 emissions ....
  3. yamahaR15

    new civic

    if this is honda's strategy it will face skoda's fate
  4. yamahaR15

    new civic

    for some silly changes & tweaks honda has inceased the price. altis is VFM compared to civic
  5. yamahaR15

    new civic

    hey guys, new civic launched,with some tweaks here & there. The changes in the new civic include a slightly modified grille with sharp edges, new alloy wheels, changes in the front bumper, new rounded fog lamp and a tweaked tail lamp cluster. Inside too, civic gets minor changes
  6. Sx4 Zxi will be a good option for you.50000 discount is given by dealers. got good features.Maruthi has revised its suspension. decent mileage of about 11-12 kmpl 6. Electronic Power Steering (EPS) is not available in SX4
  7. good choice buddy. but engine performance is satisfactory compared to engine specs ENgine has good mid range performance.but lacks top end grunt & low end performance .any way not much choice in the premium hatch segment rssh bajaj alliance insurance is better.I think they charge only 13000 for insurance.
  8. i think the car is now competitive compared to 5 series. but styling cannot be compared to 5 series.
  9. 200 cars / month is the magnum sales. so not much sales.. great car.but pricing will make it loser...14lakh for a chevy..haha
  10. Where did you find these figures dude? 84000 could be annual not monthly!!! Please support your figures its monthly production capacity. These figures are given by barghava MD of msil. Source<CNBC TV18>
  11. mallya has given approval for fissi .to drive for ferrari...(THE HINDU) great news.guys..waiting for sept. 13 action..
  12. right now maruthi has a capacity of 85000 cars.84000 cars were sold in august. thats the supply issue.
  13. i wish all members a very happy & prosperous onam
  14. unicorn or xtreme will good for your budget
  15. in my opinion go for ritz zxi.overall it will be a good car.because of tall boy design there is some body roll.other wise...its good car i20 desiel. got only mid range and is initial pick up & top end performance is bad. swift overall outdated.there is only performace. no other qualities. punto diesel is much cheaper compared to i20 diesel & much better. but only concern is ASS. i think petrol vehicle is enough for you. u may choose ritz zxi if petrol.(i20 kappa may also be considered.though moderate on performance) punto .if diesel is your priority.
  16. is i20 sluggish compared to ritz..?? i know that kappa engine is good. for i10. with 4 people on board...how will it perform...?? i dont like rear design of ritz.??
  17. guys i need yourhelp.. my family is planning to purchase a car .we have shortlisted i20 magna & ritz zxi. which one is better.i am inclined toward i20 i am concerned with the performance of i 20 ,service cost ,mileage.?1.2 kappa is sufficient..?? is there any offers for i20..? i20 ,ritz .owners please help..??
  18. Hyundai India is offering the Getz Prime CRDi at a special price of Rs. 5,09,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi) for a limited period. The Getz CRDi never really took of, for two reasons. One being the Swift Diesel and the other being Hyundai
  19. This is a rare occurrence. To me these guys were competitors and not potential partners or never have I envisaged a concept of them coming together before. Recession has forced a lot of manufacturers to tie-up with each other and develop cars and technology to shave costs. In India, recession hasn
  20. another news from bajaj...... After refreshing the entire pulsar family motorcycles, Bajaj plans to launch new variants of its Disover motorcycle. Bajaj currently sells discover 135cc which was refreshed only last year. We already informed you that Bajaj would re-launch the 125cc version of Discover as the sales of Xcd 125cc fails to take off. The new discover will be built at Bajaj
  21. ita main usp is affordability.. & not performance
  22. Fiat which is in the process of unveiling a low cost brand has finalised three models for low cost countries. The models are new palio, new Uno and new seicento. The next generation Palio is being developed by Fiat and its Brazilian subsidiary will replace the current palio across the world including India by 2010. Following the success of cheaper logan by Renault, Fiat plans to launch this low cost models to western europe. The seicento city car will make its debut in 2011 but Fiat will not bring the model to India.
  23. Hero Honda today launched new variants of Glamour,Glamour FI and CD deluxe. The new variants of Glamour will be available between Rs 45,800 and Rs 47,700 (ex-showroom Delhi) and the Glamour FI variants will be priced between Rs 51,450 and Rs 55,450 (ex-showroom Delhi). Hero Honda has also launched electric / self start variant of CD Deluxe. The 100 cc bike CD Deluxe will also be seeing a new version as we have introduced self start option,