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  1. hey man..... u go for rtr only if u  r  a  fan of rtr..

    it is good in terms of refinement,power delivery,top speed......... but u r not going to ride on a race track...... think before  u buy....

    some of the problems of rtr

    it is cramped ,if u r tall go for another bike

    ride quality is poor compared to hunk, pulsar....

    gear box will be smooth at the time of buying.....later on becomes hard to put it on the slot

    less mileage ....avg u will get 35 kmpl in real world condition.

    on paper & test report they say 55-60kmpl.......dont believe.....

    up to 80 km/hr  it has same accleration time as that of hunk

    so if u r riding in city go hunk ,its also more flickable in the city

    and     resale............

    i think hunk is good for u : its only a recomendation .....note that i am not a HH  fan ; it will be a hassle free bike...

    don't judge a product by looking at the  engine sound

    pulsar exhaust note is more better than RTR'S ......


  2. how can u compare rtr with R15 ?????

    although R15 is 150cc it has less weight compared to other 150 ies...

    So power to weight ratio of R15 will be much greater than rtr

    i..e it will be faster than rtr

    16.5 bhp for rtr || 17 bhp for R15

    140 kg wt.        || 120 kg  only..

    technology used in  r15 is  is same as the legendary  R1

    see the difference

    yamaha is playing other way  >>>>>>>>>

    if u r looking for good performance bike its R15

    way better than rtr in terms of styling

    if u have less money ......         .....then   RTR is oke