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  1. p1.jpg

    We have found this picture of the

    Toyota Prado with a slightly altered nose giving it more aggressive

    looks and some modified fenders. The Prado is facing some competition

    in India from the Mitsubishi Montero and the BMW X3. Also competing

    will be the all new Audi Q5 which is expected to come to India soon.

    So, this is the ideal time for Toyota to increase its appeal by making

    some changes that make it more aggressive. The speculated rendering

    looks good but it still lacks that in-your-face look of the Q5. Also

    adding to the woes is the 4.4l V8, the only engine available for the

    Prado in India that returns a poor 4.5Km/litre (Autocar India test

    report) and there are many more reasons to go for the diesel Q5 or the


    The facelifted version will be available simultaneously with the international launch as this model is completely imported.

  2. jaguar-xf_2009_1600x1200_wallpaper_06.jp

    Can you ever imagine a Porsche SUV?
    Well, there is one but how many actually like Porsche, the maker of the
    legendary 911 after they made the Cayenne? So how about one from Lotus
    or Ferrari or even Lamborghini? So neither is Jaguar going to make one.
    One more reason may be due to the fact that a Jag SUV might interfere
    with Land Rover.

    For years, SUVs were seen as a
    sure-fire way for carmakers to boost sales in the North American market
    but lately there has been a movement away from such vehicles to smaller
    and more fuel-efficient models. Despite this, many carmakers still
    consider the SUV a crucial addition to their lineups, but the CEO of

  3. chevrolet-optra-fast.jpg

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have finally decided to

    increase the speed limits on Indian roads. On four lane National and

    State highways the speed limit has been increased from 60 to 80. The

    Mumbai-Pune expressway will have a new speed limit of 100kmph. Two lane

    highways will be limited to 60kph, major district roads, urban arterial

    roads and urban distributor roads will have a limit of 50kph and access

    roads, 30kph.

    The associated department should have made these changes before, but

    better late then never. Cars are getting faster and safer and adhering

    to the current speed limits will get us nowhere in a hurry. Not that

    the traffic, roads, cyclists, slow moving trucks and animals will let

    you get anywhere in a jiffy, raised speed limits or not.

  4. why to create hell number of threads on same thing..



    why u are crying for strict action...

    is there any post in the indian section. CARS.???

    i post this thread because this car will be launched in near future...<jan or feb2009>