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  1. rtr fi is not available in many cities... i heared that its due to some tec. problems i thin rtr is better than FI version which is still not available
  2. apache is not a sorted out bike.... thats why its sales have deteriorated...
  3. for 10 lacs i will go for optra magnum diesel.... benchmark in its segment
  4. mehul accent is comparable with verna....in terms of style
  5. good move by PSA i wish it bring the forester
  6. no buddy ..its not genesis... genesis is not competing against S OR 7 series.. tis is a limosine from hundai...
  7. price tag will be >>>> than the current as more techies are there ..it will be pricey...
  8. The concept motorbike is the work of Israeli designer Amir Glinik, who centered his design around the theoretical application of the Ferrari Enzo
  9. Lovable Mini will now also be it a hit among the tree huggers! BMW has revealed an all-electric version of the Mini. Yes, unlike the Hybrid cars with part petrol and part electric propulsion, BMW
  10. This is the new super luxury Limousine from Hyundai, codenamed the VI. The car is scheduled to make its debut in February next year and will replace the ageing Eqqus flagship saloon, which currently is sold only it the home South Korean market. The new VI employs a rear wheel drivetrain which would help the flagship Hyundai to compete with German rivals like the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes Benz S-Class. The car will also come with a range of v8 engines with poweroutput ranging from 380-450 bhp.
  11. in my opinion its too old .. nothing much to talk about
  12. no...buddy.. after the launch of 2 <by hmsi>big bikes ..they <hh>will launch zma
  13. dipendra, congrats... give ur review soon...
  14. yes i agree with uuuu but zeus ,heat & SS has decent sales
  15. HH shoud update its products rather than refreshing it