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  1. I feel the Verna is a replacement for the Accent. Only our manufacturers try to squeeze the last few drops of blood (bucks actually) before finally discontinuing the old model. The i10' date=' Laura, Altis ...... which are all cases of the older model still continuing. Kudos to Honda for not falling into this habit - may be they do not have the capacity to keep both the old and the new going, so they are more honest. Only time will tell. Also, Maruti do not seem to have fallen into this habit.


    then what maruthi is doin with its 800 , omni & estilo & WR

  2. Hey Yamaha' date=' Today you are pouring more and more exciting things in our forum... Great work buddy... And this Ferrari looks hot...Not sure that everyone will like its styling. But performance will be surely breath taking..


    thanks ...buddy...

    production version will be much better than the concept...

    yamahaR152008-10-21 19:28:49

  3. yes i agree with uuuu

    but zeus ' date='heat & SS has decent sales


    Hey buddy,

                      from which state are you?? Because in chennai (Tamil Nadu), I'm not able to see more suzuki bikes... but I agree that SS are having decent sales..But the sales of Suzuki remains a question mark.. First time when I heard about the Lanza, I thought that Suzuki is comign up with a decent bike finally (in india).. But they will never launch it it seems.


  4. Yamaha' date=' you seem to be in a cracker of a mood today, providing all the fireworks much before Diwali!

    This is a very futuristic Merc., indicates the future styling of Mercs.

    Indian market will recieve this with enthusiasm!



    this will come to india as the new e class....

    probably next year....

  5. hyundaivi.thumbnail.jpg 

    This is the new super luxury Limousine from Hyundai, codenamed the
    VI. The car is scheduled to make its debut in February next year and
    will replace the ageing Eqqus flagship saloon, which currently is sold
    only it the home South Korean market.

    The new VI employs a rear wheel drivetrain which would help the
    flagship Hyundai to compete with German rivals like the BMW 7-Series
    and the Mercedes Benz S-Class. The car will also come with a range of
    v8 engines with poweroutput ranging from 380-450 bhp.

  6. Come on Yamaha' date=' Those three can not even be consideres as a Competitor to the other bikes in the poll.. Zeus and Heat are bikes which would be a hit if they were introduced before some 15 years atleast..No styling, nothing is there..[/quote']

     i agree with that

    yes i agree with uuuu

    but zeus ,heat & SS has decent sales