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  1. i kno it BS

    the problem is that if there is only one time voting nobody will be interested..in the poll ...

    i think there is no porb. in multiple voting...

    we forum buddy kno abt vehicles very well ...so wats the prob...

  2. nice work vibor ...keep going...!!

    but 1 suggestion : loong review for a small car..

    make your review short & beautiful ...>>

    Thanks yamaha!

    This is the first review on my car here thats why it quite long!...and nothing matters if the car is long or small!...one can even write four page review on maini reva!..but it should be clear and expressive!.

    ..and only "interior' date='exterior and performance "sec is in para. other things i've written in points so its easy to read!i hope!...smiley1.gif

    yes...buddy u have done a good work..

    but its only a suggestion....

    its easy for the readers if its ...precise..

    with regards..>>