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  1. honda city is much better than ford ikon... Note From Admin: Please refrain from one-liners in the posts. It doesn't add any value to the content. Please go through the rules and regulations before posting.FuelRunGod2008-07-01 09:32:04
  2. skoda fabia price starting from 511,438-Rs 768,000... for more details about fabia , you can check out this ..
  3. SX4 is good,as well as verna, but d'zire is better from them.Better in mileage,better in performance ....
  4. pictures are good,but stickers are not visible in white,could you upload some other images.
  5. Images are very good . could anyone tell me more about this car.
  6. splash is expected to launched in july2008..
  7. Verna diesel mileage is 12klp in city and 18.1kpl in highways.
  8. zayed112

    i10 mileage

    i10 mileage is 13.2kpl in city and 16.1kpl in highway...
  9. logan1.6GLX costing 467,021(ex-showroom).Mileage of the car is 10.2kpl in city and 13kpl in highway.for detail you can check out this link ]
  10. Good picture,but the graphic in not visible properly in white colour .could u put up close up
  11. Does anyone know that when ingenio is going to be launched...
  12. Its good news that we will be able to see ducati on indian road ...
  13. looking very cool .. when is this going to be launched in india...
  14. rssh is right that verna diesel give 12kpl in the city and 16-17kpl in the highway mileage.
  15. No doubt in that i10 is better then santro . I agree with nighthawk...
  16. If i have 10 lac , then i will go honda city or ford fiesta1.6S or corolla.
  17. waiting for it launched in india,does anyone have any idea when it actual going to be launched..
  18. No doubt that i10 is best among all car of its range..
  19. Did you know the ford fiesta comes with new alloy wheels, check it out this review
  20. The Civic is really cool, If you are planning to buy a car, then the newly launched ford fiesta 1.6S,which had intelligent technology enhances, fiesta is miserly in consuming will save on every drop of fuel.
  21. Can't say that , cos ford had launched a new ford fiesta1.6S with its amazing sporty look and fables interior inside the car.Ford's patented dura technology enhances everthingfrom smoothness of your ride to the fuel.
  22. Good work tushky...fantastic picture...
  23. maruti splash looking more attractive then maruti a-star. However Does anyone know when this two car is going to be launched in India ..Did u know that ford had launched a new ford fiesta 1.6S.For picture u can go to this blog
  24. Looking amazing... you know that ford also had launched a new ford fiesta 1.6S damn happy with the sporty look and fantastic interior of the car...for details u can also see this blog
  25. No doubt that Honda City is better then SX4. Ford had launched a new ford fiesta 1.6S with amazing look and interior.check out this blog for more details