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  1. Ferrari.... italian perfection on the road
  2. CFD?? sorry i am zapped here... cavallino more details please
  3. what is with that exposed wheel nut?? took the sheen off the 15 inch alloy for me...
  4. just a bit of history i saw on the fiesta first fiesta was in 1976 i think the Mark 1 that was a sellout against Fiat and Renault now we have the sixth generation running on the roads... Hope this car proves the critics wrong
  5. sad to hear about it but so much happening to one Fiesta?????
  6. Monaco always produces the thrills and the spills remember Montoya a couple of years ago?? in the tunnel was that an accident or what As for Kimi ploughing into Sutil... well apologies won't get Sutil that kind of race again and it is kind of sad to see that happen.. Hey that's life roll on with it
  7. i thought the Ross Brawn addition to Honda would produce some results Its a shame that they haven't got the results yet... but hey all good things in time... An iconic Ross Brawn is well worth the money he is paid
  8. Hey good option.... But doesnt the bike rattle after a certain speed... my friend bought one he does complain about that... but hey it puts a smile on his face Amazing handling as well a good plus from TVS...
  9. sandy08

    Stunt biking!!!

    hey guys when i grew up , i heard of EVIL KNEIVEL(pardon the spelling) the tricks he performed.... phew..... jumping over buses and cars... any thoughts on him
  10. Hey guys.... not to stray off the topic here... but i have heard of the Toyota Prius and wasn't that a fiasco I am not pointing that out here... considering the fuel hike and the energy crisis this is a step in the right direction for me
  11. Hey guys Sandeep here Hoping to learn a lot from the forum as i really am more of a net-savvy guy....