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  1. POST DELETED. Note From Admin: Consider this a final warning.FuelRunGod2008-07-02 12:19:59
  2. Go for Shell 10W 30 will be better from the 2.
  3. I agree with diablo37989. Note From Admin: Please check the dates on the last post. It was months ago. One liners do not really add any value to the content. Kindly avoid them. FuelRunGod2008-07-01 06:08:12
  4. Skoda fabia is a nice car, but how about ford fiesta 1.6s with its sporty look.
  5. Dzire is good car ,i think you should go for it, it gives better mileage.
  6. I think you should buy right now ford fiesta 1.6s, its new innovation of ford .
  7. This is a good car and it gives 10 to 13 kmpl mileage.
  8. Ya man , we even pay more for petrol here.
  9. It is true the price of skoda fabia is approximately 7 to 8 lacs.
  10. how abou the swift? you may get it for 3 lac.
  11. santro xing is a good car. however the swift is a better option.
  12. You should go for i10 it suits to your budget and this car has god interiors..For more info about i10 click this http://www.carazoo.com/newcars/carreview/Hyundai/i10