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  1. POST DELETED. Note From Admin: Consider this a final warning.FuelRunGod2008-07-02 12:19:59
  2. Go for Shell 10W 30 will be better from the 2.
  3. I agree with diablo37989. Note From Admin: Please check the dates on the last post. It was months ago. One liners do not really add any value to the content. Kindly avoid them. FuelRunGod2008-07-01 06:08:12
  4. Skoda fabia is a nice car, but how about ford fiesta 1.6s with its sporty look.
  5. Dzire is good car ,i think you should go for it, it gives better mileage.
  6. I think you should buy right now ford fiesta 1.6s, its new innovation of ford .
  7. This is a good car and it gives 10 to 13 kmpl mileage.
  8. Ya man , we even pay more for petrol here.
  9. It is true the price of skoda fabia is approximately 7 to 8 lacs.
  10. how abou the swift? you may get it for 3 lac.
  11. santro xing is a good car. however the swift is a better option.
  12. You should go for i10 it suits to your budget and this car has god interiors..For more info about i10 click this http://www.carazoo.com/newcars/carreview/Hyundai/i10
  13. Mercedes benz is great car, it looks so nice if you are planning to buy it is good choice.
  14. The honda city is will be the best pick.
  15. The i10 gives you a mileage of 15 to 16 kmpl as compare to other cars how ever the swift petrol is a better car.
  16. i would say you should go in for the swift, however if your budget is something more than lac how about going in for the new ford fiesta 1.6S. Note from admin: Post edited. Please refrain from advertising on other websites.FuelRunGod2008-07-02 06:08:14
  17. According to a company source, i guess the Honda is planning to launch the new City sometime next year.
  18. Congrtulation for the new car , the pic is awesome.. check this out www.talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com
  19. My choice would be the new ford fiesta 1.6s petrol car it is great car. for mor info click below... www.talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com
  20. Hyundai cars are very nice and they give better milage , but you could also have a look at the new ford fiesta 1.6S www.talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com
  21. More or less the mileage of both the cars are the same. the mileage for the i10 is about 15to 16 in highways and in city 14 to 15 where as the swift would give 14 - 15 in highway( petrol ) and 10 in city .
  22. I think i10 is a nice car for hyderabad traffic ...but i think this car is also suitable for you.... for more info click below www.talkingabouttorque.wordpress.com