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  1. The performance with petrol will always be way better than diesel. check this link out
  2. Hey can some one upload image for the ford fiesta 1.6S.
  3. Ford has also come out with its new ford fiesta 1.6S , it has a sporty look.
  4. sahil4456


    Are they any major changes with the getz,
  5. Ya man can't wait for a test drive, may go for 1 this weekend.
  6. Ford has launched its new ford fiesta with a facelift its called the ford fiesta 1.6S.It launched on 19th June 08. This facelift was launched inBrazil last year. Many people had complained on the plain looks of the Present Ford Fiesta. The facelift answers all the critics and makes it look sporty. A note about the interiors - you're better off checking it out in person than judging it by the pics! But one of my friends checked it out in person and it looked much better. What was *really* impressive was the fit and finish on the door panels. The texture and feel looked and felt really good. The 'honeycomb' instrument cluster looks good enough too. The alloy wheels look great.