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  1. does the team have an active wind tunnel facility... i dont think so given their current budget... Toyota is one of the highest spenders in the business but i wonder if Team Force India has the facility...
  2. NID is usually the best place to go to ... a friend of mine got into it just recently very competitive place to get into.. if you want more details.. i can let you know .. just give me the parameters or requisites ill try to find out There are usually competitions in mags like Top Gear where you get to design your own car depending on the ergonomics scale and the general motivation behind the cars sale... look out for the mags... autocar as well.. they might let you know as well in some issues....
  3. true have driven the xing... am nearly 6 feet tall and i have to adjust my seating position everytime i drive the car... rssh i will try this .... no back pains i hope after it??
  4. The suspension has been worked upon by Ford the most... which could explain the same engine 100 BHP but a much better feel on the road... those for the diesel fuel efficiency can always go for the duratorq version ...
  5. well each to his own the points of the RTR are true cramped, mileage, and the gearshifts i would go for the RTR because i rode a friends and well i loved riding it... simply for that reason i would buy it... but do note what comes with the bike exhaust note... music to each ones ears
  6. well i think the 15inch alloys are a good addition but the drive-ability this car will offer is worth atleast a tryout... can't wait to bug someone to let me drive this.
  7. not much of a change i feel anxious to know how it performs any one who can tell me about the performance at greater length
  8. i dont think the ducati is going to do very well here sure its a beaut but come onr why would i buy it so as to stay in traffic for minutes on end knowing that i am not using it to the max....
  9. apologize??? please your making me laugh... driver error is all that we can say ... sutil and fisi... may the force be with you!
  10. RTR 160 hands down for me... it looks sexy and has what it takes to beat the competition kudos to TVS
  11. ugly rims if u ask me... the prius was well a fiasco but this car is a boon considering the recent fuel hike...
  12. A glorious chance for Sutil ruined by Kimi which ever u look at it , both went out and as they thats all she wrote......
  13. Hey as my name suggests sameer... A 20 year old with a love for cars... am totally into it though am pursuing a commerce degree ... Willing to learn the max out of the moderators and fellow members on AutoCar... i dont need to tell the people viewing this that if i am in the wrong, please do correct me ASAP.... as i said i am here to learn
  14. nice pictures.... a general question(as a newbie)... is there any improvement so as to match up to the Verna.. if so i would like some details