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  1. Sub Four meter car advantages

    hi.. why these sub four meter vehicles are cheaper.. ? and i want to know about how insurance, roadtax and excise duty are calculated according to the class of vehicles..
  2. alloy wheels for scorpio

    Please suggest me good alloy wheels for scorpio... CYRUS432009-06-28 19:28:01
  3. Fiat 500 900cc TwinAir Test Drive

    what is this twin air engine technology?
  4. India-EU FTA To Benefit CBUs

    So EU car production in India may decrease...
  5. Starting without battery

    If the battery of a car is dead, will it start by pushing? Is that jump-start is necessary for starting, Especially for a fuel injected car. From where the current is supplying to spark plug, fuel injector, feedpump etc Is that directly from battery or from the alternator? Guys Iam expecting a detail reply to clear my doubt... I asked many of my friends about this even in a service centre..but no one knows correctly. Hope some of our members know this..
  6. Starting without battery

    Thanks Joe. Like to know one more thing, about the function of alternator. Power steering only works when the engine starts, then where does that electric power coming from? Directly from the battery or from the alternator.
  7. Karizma ZMR. Idling speed problem

    I dont think it can remap from a car service station.
  8. Problems faced in scorpio!

    My friend's scorpio 2.6L got the same problem with A.C. after a few months when he purchased. The problem was with the magnetic clutch of compressor. It was cleared free of cost.
  9. My Alto LXi: Gone through Anti-Ageing treatment

    Post deleted: One liners that add no quality to the thread are best avoided. BornFree2011-02-12 08:34:22
  10. Heavy licence

    I have M/C & LMV licence valid upto the year 2027. Now I want to take a heavy licence also. Will it cause any reduction to my above licence validity. What is the interval of heavy licence renewal?
  11. No spark plugs, so no distributors in CI engines. Self ignited when fuel is injected to the compressed air.
  12. Can anyone spot me the right website that gives the complete specifications of cars available in india which includes track width, gear ratios, compression ratios etc..
  13. Automotive website

    I had searched a lot, so please help me... Which site gives the best information on vehicle specifications including track width, gear ratio, final drive ratio etc?
  14. Automotive website

    Which magazine give the information on gear ratios and final-drive ratio. Anyway autocar magazine doesnot contain any such things in the users guide.
  15. Is there any changes done in gearbox and gear ratios(including final drive ratio) for petrol and diesel variants of the same model (eg:swift vxi and swift vdi). If yes why? What other changes are done?
  16. Petrol vs diesel gear box

    Thanks a lot... But What about swift petrol and diesel..?
  17. In majority AT cars there is option for gear down and up, which is operated by moving the gear lever to minus and plus sign respectively in drive mode. Now modern AT cars have paddle shift as seen in F1 cars.
  18. Vento, Corolla or ANHC ?

    Go for City AT. No other will satisfy you...
  19. Antilock braking system(ABS) is the system which avoid locking by applying brake and releasing 25 times a second. It is not able to recogonise the working of ABS because it is fast and accurate by the use of electronics. The vehicle equiped with ABS can brake confidently in a turn.
  20. Any way you had the best selection.. New K-series is a petrol jet..
  21. Alternator functions

    What is the function of an alternator? Is that only to charge the battery. After starting the engine will the alternator do the current supply to the ignition, fuel pump..etc..or still by the battery...[0]Alternator
  22. Failed Airbag

    My friend's innova got a major accident and does not explode its airbag. It's a front collision and whole front part was damaged because of this his forehead hit the streering wheel. Can we complaint to the company. Why the air bag didnot explode?
  23. Failed Airbag

    Thankyou sir, I have one more doubt, will the airbag deploys when the car is at rest without ignition key and another vehicle hits the front.
  24. Failed Airbag

    But my doubt is why the airbag doesnt explode. Is there any same incident for anyone else...
  25. Failed Airbag

    He was not wearing the seat belt. Is there any system that locks the airbag when not wearing the seatbelt in any car. Why it is saying that without seatbelt airbag is a waste, what is its scientific reason?