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  1. Please suggest me good alloy wheels for scorpio... CYRUS432009-06-28 19:28:01

    ARAI test

    what is ARAI test?
  3. do all cars have teflon coating or any anti-corrosion coating.
  4. I heard that Chevrolet captiva is a front wheel drive soft roader, is it true?
  5. after a long run the radiator fan may remains working, is ther any problem to stop the engine at this moment? some says that we must wait till the fan stops , is it true?
  6. why petrol is not used as a CI engine fuel?
  7. what is tinted glass? what is its function?
  8. why kerosene is not using as fuel? what are the deffects based on this fuel?
  9. maintanance cost for fiasta is high. i think Verna is best for u.
  10. just shift it by a small pull.... there are two paddles one for up shifting and other for down shifting and u can drive like a racing car.........
  11. Will half clutch cause any damage to the clutch disc of a diesel car?
  12. no word other than Innova and its toyota(touch the perfection)....
  13. Swift VDi is best for u. Its high performance and low maintanance cost will impress u.
  14. How can we identify gas leakage from the gaskit fitted on a vehicle?
  15. Is there any problem to the clutch disc by using half clutch?
  16. why is it saying that dont use half clutch on a diesel car?
  17. Ikon is best which have a good millage on ac drive.