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  1. for sure, since Alto ubiquitous like autorickshaws
  2. told by dealer that the polo engines would be coming in with a bit more tweaking. and as with the earlier models, the beige must be available in the top of the line 'elegance' version. if you notice clearly, the headlamp, grills and fog lamps have changed sreekumar2010-09-17 13:17:14
  3. @ anjan, can't u keep both RX 100 and FZ?once sold, you might never get the RX 100 back. you would surely miss it. its an enigma, a mystery..I had a friend who sold off his RX 100 and got a new bike. but after sometime, he started missing his RX and we jointly did a hunt for his old RX and it took more than 1.5 years to track it down. by the time, it had changed over 3 owners. Now, my friend is happily riding his old RX which he brought back from the last owner after paying the price that guy asked. In a way it shows the emotional atatchment RX can create. IMHO, you shouldn't even think of disposing your baby.
  4. nice to see you again DD. my Fabia is going to be 6 months old on 21st. covered about 4050 Kms so far. so you can say that the usage is pretty much low when compared to other users it has been a smooth ride so far and most users [1.2 HTP version] around here are reporting an average mileage of around 11.25 km/l. the suspension is holding good as new and the driveability also is outstanding.
  5. Each car is good in its own respect. Swift is peppy and sporty with its powerful engine, i20 seems to be good. but all magazines are stating that i20 is underpowered. the same was with the case of Fabia when the petrol version was launched. every mags called fabia as underpowered and unrefined. but now, 8 months down the line, not even a single magazine is mentioning "underpowered" or "unrefined", instead all are writing as "refined" and "excellent". i'm a petrol fabia owner since august and geitng a mileage of 12km/l (100% city drive). i don't understand what some people state as "noisy", there isn't even a small trace of humming when the engine is idle or running and its silky smooth with a juicy short slick gear. its normal that some guys repeat what they hear from what others say and not by what they gain from 1st hand experience. as for number of fabias sold, fabia is a 'niche' product, aimed at a particular category of buyers. niche products are not mass products. quality do come for a price. an example of the failure of a mass car maker trying to take on quality car maker can be Honda CR-V vs. Suzuki Grand Vitara. CR-V still rules the segment with its superior, quaity product where was Grand Vitara failed to make any impression. this is due to the fact that most buyers in such segments perceive Honda to be associated with prestige and class while Suzuki is associated with economical and 'just about' brand. the buyer in such segments looks out for refined image. Can anyone tell that Honda CR-V (high value, low volume product)is a failure just because they sell less in number? same with the so called 'premium hatches' segment. swift cannot be placed in 'premium hatch' segment. these segments are created by the manufacturers and not by users. niche segments always have an aspirational value attached to it. aspirational value may vary from person to person, but generally, aspirational value is associated more with class and quality of the brand rather than the features. My comment is not to hurt anyone. If apologize if my comments made any negative feeling
  6. My fabia crossed the 3000 km mark yesterday and thought of sharing the experience so far. As per regular usage, the kilometers done should have been around 2000 Km in the time period (from august 21 till now). But the riding comfort and handling is too good that i was 'seduced' by the car to take it for few long trips, which i normally would have avoided. To begin with bits of negative experiences (which were thankfully resolved), for the first couple of days, there were some issues with the braking. inorder to stop the car fully even in slow moving traffic, i had to pump in the brake pedals really hard, sometimes causing the following car to brake suddenly. i had to take the car back to the dealer couple of times (4 to be precise between august 24 and october 1st week) to rectify and finally, i had to get a bit violent at the service guys and raised the issue to Skoda India directly. The delaer did a thorough check of the car after this episode and thereafter, the brakes worked perfectly. The last time, i took the car to dealer for rectifying the brake, my car was experiencing some drop in power in 2nd gear. The dealer wouldn't admit in anyway that theres loss of pulling . Finally, i had to make them drive another 1.2 Ambiente which was delivered at the same time when i got my car and had done almost similar distance. After driving the other car, they admitted that there is some loss of power and got it resolved . Things went quite smooth after that except for a mild rattle coming from the left hand side while driving through rough roads. This was a common complaint raised by many fabia owners and yet the dealers couldn't find the cause. I took my car to the dealer and they inspected the car inside out and yet couldn't find the reason. Soemtimes, the sound won't come out even if driving through rough roads. Thsi was driving me nutes sometimes and one day, a friend of mine, who was in Maruti Service was along with me in the car when the sound suddenly came out. He immediately inspected the point of sound and found that it was caused by a loose nut in the seat slider and soon got it fixed. Thereafter, the drives and journeys have been so pleasent. The engine seems to be geting smoother and smoother. Initially the mileage was around 10.50 km/l. This was mainly due to the usage in city alone (98%) and due to the frequent gear shifting to negotiat the potholed roads and tailgating other vehicles in congested roads. But as the roads were given cosmetic treatment and the traffic got much more smooth, the mileage has now gone upto 13 km/l in city use and around 17 in long drives. The suspension is too good and it just gives the feeling of Volvo bus rides The gearshift is short nd silky smooth. I want to disagree with those who say without reason that overtaking in highways is difficult. Most times, i can overtake trucks or buses with 4 people seated and pull off in 5th gear itself. So far i have not taken the car beyond 90-100 km/hr in highways, keeping the RPM around 2500 mark.The Dance music system seems pretty good and i'm yet to add the rear speakers. Got the windows tinted last month with Garware SRC for about Rs. 1200 Overall, i'm quite satisfied with the experience so far, excluding the callous attitude of the service guys (i knew from the begining about this aspect). But the car is tremendous in its own respect and i don't regret that i choose it over Swift Diesel
  7. Dear Members, After a small gap, I'm back, probably as one of the few petrol fabia owners in the forum. Even i was shocked to read in newspaper than Skoda topped in Sales Process. Let me tell you an observation from my part. The experience with the dealer in our city was not that much creditable. However, while I was interacting with the dealer's HQ in Cochin, the assistance was commendable. I should say that it goes with the personality of concerned individuals. The Senior Sales Manager at Cochin did more than he could actually do in my case. I made it a point to drop in at his office last weekend when i went to Cochin. Another pint is that the delivery of my car didn't get delayed. At the time of bookign itself, i had mentioned that i would need the car by 20-21st August. The confusion was regatrding the avilability of desired color and the price hike on August 1. This is where the Sr. Sales Manager in Cochin played a crucial role and he had my car reach the dealer at Trivandrum on August 14th itself (in the color i wanted-Tangerine Orange) and i took delivery of the car on 21st August itself at the old price . Things worked out because of the Sr. SM. If I had banked on the dealer alone at Trivandrum, things would have been much different. Now, the car has run 900 Km (including the 500km weekend trip to Cochin). Personally, i feel that Skoda as vehicle is very good and enjoyable to drive. It's the dealer's attitude sometimes (again, i think it depends on the people) which makes the experience slightly soggy.
  8. What you said is true sir. they really make a mess out of TD vehicles. The diesel fabia which is used for TD here is undergoing the same harsh treatment. i had taken the 1st TD if diesel fabia in our city and took another TD of diesel fabia last week too just for fun. There was massive difference in the sense that the vehicle ought to be stoned. Similarly, i took the 1st TD of 1.2 fabia here and at that time it was relatively smooth. Infact i got to drive the TD car on the same day it arrived in our city. Plus, the new fbia 1.2 which i drove 2 weeks before was just delivered to one of my friends relative. So i could drive both 'virgins'.. Both feel different from my car
  9. seems the image disappeared somewhere.reavhing 5000 km?that wud b nearly 6 months journey for me. by the way, 1.2 Ambiente doesn't have beige interiors. its light grey tone. only 1.4 Elegance MPI and TDI got beige interiors. planning to put beige seats by monday/tuesday. the gearbox is really a gem (don't know much about high end cars, obviously they would be much better)
  10. thank you for the wishes. got teflon+underbody coating FOC from dealer. gave the car today morning to fit the mudflaps. finally found the way to upload large image
  11. Finalllyyyyy..after so many twists and turns, the fabia rolled out at 5 PM. Expected some bugs from the dealer since i had them kicked somewhere through the complaints. But things went smooth and was given a walk through on the 'control systems' like the demo before an aircraft takes off.. afterwards, took it to some of the temples for poojas and reached home by 8. Got almost full tank petrol, courtesy the dealer. Thankfully i don't have to make the petrol pump guys smile for quite some time. The car also feels so smooth, really much different from the TD 1.2 car with the dealer. So little bit of tuning/reprograming/any name you can call by Skoda seems to be having its effect. I hope it rubs off positively on the mileage too. The response is much more sensitive and it was so much fun get it into 5th and drive on open road. Couldn't drive that way for long since traffic caught up. Even then, its such a bliss not to be shifting gears like i used to do before. The side pilars seems to be bit obstructive while reversing or cutting into side roads. Over and above everything, it's the secret glances from few select 'human beings' which i enjoy the most. Hope my better half is not reading this post would be back with more experiences if the broom doesn't land upon me soon CYRUS432008-08-22 09:24:21