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  1. This car can only succeed if they price it very aggressively. The problem is that no car from GM's indian line-up is aspirational or desirable. That could change if they launched a couple of cars like the Camaro or the Corvette. Even if these sell in small numbers, they would change the image of GM dramatically. And while they're at it, why not bring in the Impala, a name familiar to many of us from the '70s?
  2. Vectra was a brilliant car.. if GM had put in half the effort which they are putting for Chevy into the Opel brand, things would be quite different.
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    opel astra

    sorry nishweth, I don't have any pics
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    opel astra

    It had the old engine, but I never faced any problems. Over 7 years i did a mileage of approx 60000 km. No major breakdowns or repairs. Only major parts changed were shock absorbers, fuel pump, tyres at 35000 km and brake pads & discs. Otherwise, mostly routine servicing from the dealer. the interior was of very good quality and felt like new even after 7 years. Suspension was also very good. The car felt very solid and stable, particularly on the highway.
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    opel astra

    I owned a maroon astra from 1997 till 2004. Till today it remains my favourite car. GM did a poor job of marketing the car and did not bring in upgrades as required (the car we had was 3 generations old when they discontinued it). I feel GM made the biggest mistake by killing off the Opel brand and getting in Daewoo disguised as Chevy.