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  1. I think the compressor never goes off i.e. as long as the AC button is switched ON the compressor always remain ON - irrespective of COLD to HOT setting. So, fuel consumption would be same in all the settings as long the AC is on.
  2. If at all you want to go for a used car, go for Honda City then, Makes more sense than SX4
  3. Negatives about Linea (Since linea is also being discussed in the thread): 1) Cramped Interiors: In total contrast to its exterior appearance, the car is so small from inside. I am 6 feet tall and i found the rear seats very uncomfortable - leg room not adequate and head room is a total disaster. Driving position is also not comfortable for tall people - my both knees were pressing against the center console and driver side door and it was very very annoying. 2) Lack of power - After being used to driving honda city vtec and skoda, i found it way under power. Pickup was sluggish as if car was not willing to move ahead. Other than above two the car is a surprise package and should be a super hit and could revive FIAT in India. And yes, considering its price, my other apprehension is about its use in commercial sector i.e. being used as a taxi and after sale service from TATA/FIAT is also doubtful at this point.
  4. Negatives about ANHC: 1) Poor Interiors - Center Console not appealing, bad plastic quality, wrong color selection for plastic and fabric used. 2) Lack of accessories - Alloy Wheels, Climate control and fog lamps should be available as standard accessories in top variant.
  5. Sgitik and Vtec Guy, You are quite right. I didn't think about the CNG installation charges and maintenance cost of CRV. I guess i'll settle with a second hand CIVIC or a new honda city. I like the new honda city but interiors are a big let down. It appears that it was a delibarate attempt from HONDA to keep honda city away from civic territory
  6. Thanks guys for your quick response. Infact, i totally agree with what you have mentioned above. I can't resist the attraction of a CRV but at the same time the monthly run of 1000Kms would create a big in my pocket as I have heard that CRV doesn't give more then 8KM/PL. I wish to enjoy the best of both worlds .
  7. Hi Guys, I posted the below queston to autocar's AAA but haven't received any response yet so, I thought of putting it here. I hope you guys would surely help me out. Here is my request: < ="Content-" content="text/; charset=utf-8">< name="ProgId" content="Word.">< name="Generator" content="Microsoft Word 12">< name="Originator" content="Microsoft Word 12"><> I am planning to replace my 2006 Honda City VTEC with new Honda city or a second hand Honda CRV. I have a offer of 2006 Honda CRV for Rs. 9 Lacs and my personal inclination is also for a CRV as I have been driving the saloons since last 9 years and now I want to switch the segment. Now, considering my monthly driving of 1000Kms, I am planning to get this CRV on CNG and here are my concerns for that: 1) Is it advisable to get CRV on CNG ? 2) If yes, then up to what extent the performance would be sacrificed ? Regards, Manjul
  8. New Honda City without a doubt
  9. Thanks rssh, i'll probably sell it within the family or friends and I'll let you know how the car performs with new Bridgestones
  10. Hi Again, I am surely replacing my car in Dec/Jan as my loan term is ending in December but till then, for sake of safety and driving pleasure, i would like to have new tyres. Also, i think, a car with good tyre conditions might attract a better resale amount - not sure but it is just a guess. Thanks Again Manjul
  11. I have both the cars in my family. Both are good and comparable to a large extent but after my 1 year of experience with both the cars i think honda certainly has a clear edge. It is very refined, gear box is excellent, interiors are very urban and mileage is far better than SX4. On the other hand SX4 has comfortable ride, good ground clearance and plenty of additional features but it is a big time petrol guzzler. On price comparision, honda is around 70K costlier than SX4 but it makes for it during the resale. Honda resale is around 70K - 1 lac more than SX4 so i think, eventually, both Honda and SX4 comes out to be of same price.
  12. Thanks Guys ! That was a lot of info. rssh, though the suspension of my car seems ok but i'll surely get it checked - thanks again for the advice. I think i have planned to change the tyres with bridgestone and i'll retain the same size because I am replacing my car in next few months with new honda city. I am already in love with this new car since i saw its photograph on the cover of July autocar magazine.
  13. manjuls

    New Honda City

    I just saw the pics of new Honda city on the cover of auto car magazine and i think it will leave the competition way behind - excellent design from front.
  14. I have a 2006 Honda City (VTEC) and it has completed about 43000 KMs but its tyres have worn out and are in a very uneven state. The company mechanic confirmed to me that there is a problem with company fitted "Good Year" tyres and suggested me to replace them with Bridgestone tyres. Now, my questions are: 1) Shall i keep the same tyre size or replace them with a bigger one as auto car road test suggested that this car should have bigger tyres. 2) Is 43000 KMs okay life span for tyres of this class ? Thanks