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  1. Hello Bikers, For the first time in life, I would love to say that I am looking to buy a bike and its thrilling me. Well, I know a lotta names of bikes, few simple features like the mileage or the economy, looks etc, But I'd love to learn in detail of bike specifications that many people talk about. I take the reference links where I can read things. Clearly, I am a starter and I looking forward to investigate before I buy something. Last thing I'd to mention is, practically my dream bike is FZ (Well, I can say Ducati, Hayabusa, Ninja, Bullet or Harley Davidson but that's not a dream, its out of reach ). But do not know a thing about anything apart from mileage and looks. Please help me in this. Thanks, Girish
  2. Hi there, I am new to the forum and saw the post this minute. What's thrilling me about your response is the mileage that you mentioned. Does it give 40+ ? Even now? If it gives anything more than 40 than I have no second thoughts of buying Yamaha FZ (which is my dream bike, I mean practically) Awaiting your response. Thanks, Girish