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  1. Well said Mehul , yeh they could have continued , i think E variant doesnot have a AT transmission but thats ok , but the idea of replacing alloys with steel wheels and wheel covers are really very sad to me( i also think other guys too ) Lets hope they get back the Alloys soon! Cheers!
  2. Well i personally dint like the Blue color nor the clear biege or bright red on the Dzire , well Dzires a good car and offers great value for money , but the rear look dint appeal to me very much! i love Dzire in Black , Silver n White color! Cheers!
  3. Well i feel the Palio 1.6 Used car would be an ideal choice for you , if not then a Lancer! Cheers!
  4. i Hope the Maruti Understands the demand of Swift Diesel and also soon get the ZDi variant , the Dzires style isnt very impressive , swift looks better but no Zdi variant makes it a bit sad! Cheers!
  5. - New Exchange and Upgrade Scheme brings down EMI
  6. Well SUBZERO , anything cant be said too soon! the toyotas are good too , but it depends on the performance and milage and pricing of the new Corolla , these factors might cause some kinda affect to the civic and moreover the new Corolla is also expected in a Diesel engine too ( corect if me wrong ) , and this will be a good news for us ( buyers ) that Hodna might slash rates or give discounts in comming months after the launch fo the new corolla ( if its a nigg hitt!) Cheers!
  7. No the platinum is no where near GOld color , i saw 2 on road and it looks like Lemon yellow , not very bright but Dull finish! you could see the various colors in Ford Fiesta Website - Cheers~
  8. Yea , it was unbelievable even for me , but check this Honda indias website and you can it for yourself DUal SRS AIRBAG!(not airbags) Cheers:(!
  9. there are a few New colors namely the Platinum ( dont be fooled by the name it looks like Lemon Yellow ), Morello and Thunder color! wheras the S versionhas an additional Aquarius color! Cheers!
  10. Recently i was resaerching a car for my friend and found to it that the Hondas have stopped the Civic S , and instead brought in the New "E" variant , and i thought and expected it to be same features as the "S" and priced to be cheaper! but sadly and most shockingly , the Hondas have cut most of the good features , The Most importantly the Nice and Good Alloys are gone and is replaced by the Boring Wheel covers! and Dual Airbags has gone for only Driver side airbag , well as matter of fact price is just slightly reduced than the "S" but still the S could have been better even though priced 15k rs more on ROAD! i never thought Honda would act this CHEAP!!!! And moreover the Toyota's are up with the new Corolla this year End ,and if its priced well and good then this could as well turn out to be a nightmare to the Honda which may result in bringing the S variant back or 50 - 80k rs slash in E Variants Price! SO NEW CIVIC BUYERS KINDLY WAITT!! coz you cud expect a discount in the Civic soon after corollas Launch( if corolla is priced Good) ! Cheers!
  11. Well according to me the FUll tank to Full tank is the best Method of calculating the KMPL , but some cars like Fiesta have these Advanced technology like the DIstance to empty meter which is a kinda computer thing that calculates and gives you the Reading abt how many more kms can be run in the Amount of litre of Fuel you are having! Cheers!
  12. i mean Search there as size 13" X 5 and See the last but one alloy , that looks better in the whole lot of Aura Alloys!i hope you like it! Cheers!
  13. how about the Last But One alloys there?? looks good and is from Aura (HINDALCO ) and i think this could cost you around 10 - 12k rs! set of 4 or 5! Cheers!
  14. Well these thin spokes could not be as strong as the thick spokes one and if i am not wrong this could be bent on potholed roads and dont think it is preferable! Cheers!
  15. well if you dont drive much no need to take LPG or CNG , but if you have mae your mind to go for it and if CNG is available in your city then make sure you go for the Santro CNG! if notthen the WR Duo is a good choice! Cheers!