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  1. Hi I have uploaded the new TV Ad of the Hunk.. its there on You Tube and my Blog: I have also put up an Opinion Poll for it in my blog.. if possible, please vote on how you rate the new TV Ad of the Hunk. I personally find the new TV Ad average. [P.S: how does one create a poll in AutoCar India Forums..??] payeng2007-11-16 11:42:04
  2. If you are looking for excitement, Go for the Apache..
  3. Guys who might buy this cheap/economical bike are either in villages or they certainly don't surf the internet. But 20,000 (max 24,000-25,000) rupess, for guys with small income sounds might just work for them. The Company whose sales might take a hit more than anyone else is Hero Honda. 100 cc sales are the ones which brings in the volumes for Hero Honda.
  4. I say it once more the Dics are Ok.. Improvements can be.. Yes, Black Color, at least the alloy wheels would be great. Also better designed rear view mirrors and rear grab rail should be included. Maybe a new design along with an All new tank as well..!!
  5. payeng

    O Ring Sealed

    Maybe someone was attached in the night by goons.. so maybe for self defence he grabbed at the nearest chain he could lay his hands on..!!
  6. I have ridden the 125 cc XCD as well. The seat of the XCD is as high as any other 125 cc bike. It is just that the XCD has been made to look small. No probs for small people on the XCD as well. Its just that the XCD doesn't have that sporty feel and feels like a commuter (which it actually is). I take a lot of test rides and write about it on my blog.. if anyone is interested, he can check it out..
  7. I am 5 ft 5 too..!! The best bike for you would be the Apache RTR 160... When I took the test ride of the RTR.. I instantly felt as if I had been riding the bike since a long time.. its perfect for small guys like us.. Also almost all 100-125 cc bikes would also suit your size well.
  8. Can anyone educate me on the Origin of the word "Cafe Racer"..?? What does a "Cafe Racer" actually signify..??
  9. No problems from my side whatsoever.. The rear are good enough to cut speed.. Coupled with the execellent front Disc brake, the Braking has been no problem at all..
  10. I am a Pulsar 220 owner and I have just completed 500 KMS on it. I think I can comment on the Pulsar 220 better than most persons. So here are my replies on the Pulsar 220. Boss, ABS is required when wheels tend to LOCK under heavy braking and NOT when brakes don't have bite. ABS automatically releases the pressure on the brakes so that the wheels are freed and the vehicle can be controlled. The rear brakes of the Pulsar 220 don;t have as much grip as the front disc brakes BUT combined with the front brakes, they are capable of stopping the bike quite effectively. I have found the handling of the Pulsar 220 the most neutral among the other front heavy Pulsars (150/180). Just because the 220 has a heavy looking front doesn't mean that the Handling is front heavy.
  11. payeng

    O Ring Sealed

    The o-ring Chain is named for the O - shaped rubber rings built into the metal rollers of every link in this particular type of metal chain. Chain manufacturers began to include this feature in the 1980s as a way to improve lubrication to the links of power transmission chains, a service that is vitally important to extending the working life of chain. The o-rings fit into the gap between the rollers and the links that surround each roller and hold the entire chain together. These rubber fixtures form a barrier that holds factory applied lubricating grease inside of the rollers while still applying sufficient lubrication to the chain body. Further, the rubber o-rings prevent dirt and other contaminants from entering the inside of the chain linkages, where such particles would otherwise cause significant wear. Source: Wikipedia Since Lubrication of O- Ring Chain is taken care of sealed rubber rings, these chains can perform without the need of a Chain Cover. To put it the other way, Ordinary chains need protection from dirt in the form of a chain cover. I have personally never heard of any theft of any motorcycle chain..
  12. Another man is going to meet the Machine TODAY..!! Today, I'll collect my (RED) Pulsar 220..!!! I am paying around 92K on road in Bangalore.
  13. I have check out in another magazine.. Bike India. And in that magazine the wheelbase of both 150 and 180 have been given as 1330 mm..!! According to Autocar: And the official Bajaj figure for both 150 and 180 is 1320. Which one to believe...??? Anyway, I think sales of Pulsar 180 is less because of its low mileage compared to the Pulsar 150. payeng2007-10-07 19:12:26
  14. How else do you think Bajaj has managed to price the Pulsar 180 so low..??
  15. I have Checked it, both the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180 have Identical Physical (Length, Height, Wheelbase) Dimensions. The Pulsar 180 is just a few kgs heavier than the Pulsar 150
  16. In Bangalore the difference between the 180 and 150 is just around Rs.1500 And there is NO difference between the dimensions of the Pulsar 150 and Pulsar 180. The RTR is a cool bike but looks small and better suited for boys studying in 11-12 and colleges (isnt that what is shown in the RTR Ads..??) The CBZ Xtreme is another good bike with BIG looks.. (even bigger than the Pulsar) but I somehow dont like its looks.. But I have to say that I like the RTR too.. payeng2007-10-06 22:52:43