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  1. Can you send some pics of Maruti splash.
  2. Ritesh

    Spark vs i10

    In my opinion that i10 is a better car than spark. In terms with the mileage and performance.
  3. I will suggest you that SX4 is a better car And Sx4 is good in terms of value for money & good track car.
  4. Ritesh

    Ikon vs City

    Honda city look better as well as gives good mileage than Ikon.
  5. From my opinion the SX4 is best car.
  6. I think the Honda city is best car than other cars.
  7. Really a good look and complete family car.
  8. From my opinion the Wagno r will be the best.
  9. Ritesh

    Small Cars

    are these all Jan topics.
  10. The new Indica does look new however the last post was in jan 08
  11. In highway its is around 18kmpl and in city 12kmpl.
  12. If you are buying a new car than new Ford Fiesta 1.6s will be best, It as great sporty look, and gives better mileage.
  13. I think Innova is best.