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  1. fiestas blue is not electric blue. its Aquarius blue. the sad part is its only available in Sxi
  2. Hk is also good. But STEG MASTERSTROKE has to be the best.
  3. Ok. If budget is not a constraint. Best headunits - ALPINE\ECLIPSE Best Components/Speakers - RAINBOW Best Amplifiers - STEG MASTERSTROKE Best Subwoofers - IMAGE DYNAMICS Best Wiring - AUDISON
  4. Dear all, lets first know what espn103s budget, then we can discuss what best suits his budget. The discussion about whats best can go on and on and on.
  5. BMW or AUDI. No Merc. This is from what i read.
  6. Punto wins hands down when it comes to suspension.
  7. Congrats Sadhu. Could you share the prices of Maruti GA, Kenwood 543 with Ken wood 2way 4 speakers and the pictures of these two and the car ? anveshp2009-10-23 04:15:28
  8. Yes fabia 1.2 Petrol is available for 4.34 Lacs Ex showroom in PUNE
  9. Cracker of a price. Way to go. Atleast HONDA will learn some lessons.
  10. Guys please refrain from starting these poll threads. I dont see any value added to our forum by these polls
  11. Not sure about 1.6 but I think 1.3 from LINEA 90BHP will be fitted in PUNTO. I am regularly seeing three bossonova white PUNTOs doing rounds in KHARADI and Nagar Road PUNE enroute Ranjangaon
  12. Ritz Diesel 15K cash discount and 15K Exchange Bonus in PUNE
  13. Its only for diesel. No reilable options available for petrol cars.
  14. check For prices click on the online store or call their toll free number.
  15. does it not look similar to the old generation corolla ?
  16. Cheaper and almost equally good cars. I wouldn't say better cars. May be better VFM cars
  17. JBL Front component Speakers a set for 6K JBL GTO SUBWOOFER - 9K with enclosure. JBL 6x9 COAXIAL SPEAKERS a set for 5K PIONEER/BLAUPUNKT 4 channel AMP - 8 -10 K This setup should meet your requirements - Sum comes to Rs 28 - 30 K. Price may vary with model numbers.
  18. If it is so, how it is the second top selling car in the country.
  19. Petes tuning box is a simple plug and play box. You can use it. Make sure you remove it when you give the car for service, that should take care of warranty issues.
  20. From the pics, the seat covers look like art leather.Not sure about the dash and door panels though. I know Gsport art leather seat cover set costs Rs 6K. How much would it cost to cover the dash and door panels with art leather ? anveshp2009-10-11 16:54:57
  21. You said, you already own a verna. Is it not diesel ?