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  1. Yamaha is becoming quite aggressive now and with the success of R15 and FZ16, it looks like the soon to be launched scooters are gonna be as competent. The Honda is going to face the heat from Yamaha.
  2. I Would sugest Corolla Altis anyday. Loads of features, comfort and space at a very reasonable price.
  3. My priorities are: 1. Good service network and brand image. 2. Value for money. 3. Reliability. 4. Practicality. 5. A mix of performance and Fuel efficiency. 6. Atleast a reasonable boot space. Should not be as low as Swift or A Star. 7. Resale Value. 8. Basic features like Power steering and AC are a must. I presently own a Wagon R and SX4 and both the cars are good for their purpose. Wagon R is the most practical car to use in city while SX4 is a fun to drive car with good road presence.
  4. The Santro is my choice. Although it has been around for quite long time, yet it is the most refined, fun to drive and driver oriented car among the three. And reliability is not an issue with it. Vista would have got my vote if it was for diesel.
  5. Among the cars you have suggested, Accent and Indigo are not that good and Dzire is a better product. City ZX is a good choice but I don't think it falls in your friend's budget. The SX4 VXI would be an ideal choice for him but Dzire is also a very competent product, is loaded with features and is priced much below SX4.
  6. Splash seems to be a very promising product and with both petrol and diesel engines on offer, it will be a huge hit when launched. But I wonder if MS will be able to meet the demand (especially of Diesel) as both Swift diesel and Dzire are already having waiting periods of 1 month to 6 months.
  7. The best way to reduce the height of seat by a few inches by fitting the seat of thunderbird on your bike. The seat of thunderbird is thinner by a few inches as compared to electra and it looks good too.
  8. I went to take a test drive of A Star today. I could not take the TD because a lot of customers were waiting for it and I did not have much time. However, I stepped in the car and here is my opinion about the car- the car looks good from most angles except for the rear which looks just OK. The front seats are comfortable and the dash looks pretty good with the two tone theme. However the quality could have been better. The integrated sterio looks pretty good and gels well with the dash. I am 5'9" and after adjusting the front seat I tried out the rear comfort. Contrary to what FRG has mentioned, I found the rear seat pretty comfy. the one majour grouse is the boot space which is good for nothing. My Wagon R's boot looks like of a sedan in comparison. Overall the car looked pretty good and teh VXI and the ZXI models are the best buy. I liked ZXI teh most. I has the ability to give tough competition to the I10. Will try to have a TD to get the clear picture about its driveability and performance.
  9. I was also surprised how you missed out the SX4. Anyway, my vote is surely for the SX4.
  10. Not a good move. The seats fabric does not gel with the overall interiors. The body graphics are also not that great. The only good things are central locking and rear parcel shelf. Won't be able to fetch sales.
  11. yes, the car looks much better in reality ascompared to the pics. And it's ZXI variant is the best bet considering its safety features and equipments list.
  12. Yes, it does not look as good as FZ16 but they both are from different segments and its unfare to compare the two bikes just on looks. P220 is a more powerful machine and looks bigger than the FZ16. I always wished it had a black theme and better front fairing. Though the fairing is still the same, it will look better with black theme.
  13. Just an average looking car. Does not look good enough for a price of around 25 lacs. Rear is the most uninspiring. Accord, though in the price range of 17-18 lacs looks a generation ahead of it.
  14. @AshTheDash: You have clarified your requirements pretty well. Among the cars that you have shortlisted, the new City and SX4 are the two that you must consider. Take a Test Drive and go with the one that you love and that suits you. I prefer SX4 for its VFM. However, if you dont want a family car and want a driver's car then Fiesta S is one for you. Though it is not highly practical choice.
  15. What's happening? Is this thread about the new Ikon or for Verna's and the Fiesta's? Why add on unnecessary posts in it? AshTheDash: Please read out the other related threads for your requirements and clarify your queries there.hsb_sx42008-11-11 12:19:13
  16. @Vibhor: What does ARAI stand for? Anyway, 19.59 is good mileage and even if A-Star gives a mileage of 16-17 in real world conditions then it has already won half of the battle as its main rival, the I10 does not give good mileage.
  17. Very tasteful and detailed designing and all the cars look smashing. However, with such small wheelbase, I don't know how scary will be their drive.
  18. The latest FZ16 is the most desirable bike and comes at a decent price. No doubt, it gets my poll.
  19. MS will keep on producing similar cars till the time people buy them. How many people would actually buy a 2 seater car for 4lacs? And, Selling a few 2 seaters would not even recover the investments made by MS. And as much as the pics reveal, it doesn't look so small that it can not seat 4 people in comfort. Even a Maruti 800 can seat 4 adults then why so many complaints about A-Star. We must hold our comments till its launch.
  20. The new Ikon does not offer ABS and Airbags. Still its a much better choice in comparison to Swift as its a sedan and still costs just a few thousand more. The rear seat is also very comfy and the additional boot is a big plus. The maintenance costs will be on higher side but as some members have said, the cost of spares have conisderably reduced. I would prefer Ikon.
  21. A very environment friendly move by Maruti Suzuki. Its good to see that MS is concerned about the environment and rising pollution levels. Although these kind of initiatives does not increase the profits, they do create a good image of the Company. The other manufacturers should also follow the foot steps of MS.
  22. Generally, the best time to buy cars at good discounts is December but considering the continuous slowdown in sales of cars, the manufacturers are giving quite good discounts nowdays. So, its a good time to buy a car. At 5 lacs, you can have Swift VXI, Swift LDI, and Dzire LXI. Now, its up to you which one suits your requirements.
  23. Thanks for the info Sandy. Finally, we all know when the A-Star is actually coming.
  24. Yes ABS would be a good option as in swift VXI it costs just 20k more and that's a small price considering safety. However, I have never felt the need for ABS in my car and the tyres have never locked up.