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  1. I own a White Esteem 98 VX model .. Pretty old ... and I might be selling it off soon .. Hasnt given me much problems .. but the sheer age prompts me to sell it .. I might be going for a Swift or an i10 for more contemporary looks
  2. No idea yet on the launch date for splash and the exact pricing??? Should i wait for Splash's launch .. or go for a Swift VXi anyways ... I was thinkin about goin for a WagonR Duo or a Swift Petrol .. but with WagonR being replaced... not much point ..I drive around 800-1000 Kms per month.
  3. WagonR Duo gives a good economic advantage while Santro CNG is available only in Delhi. However, both these models will be overshadowed by the more recent arrivals or upcoming arrivals of i10, i20, Jazz, A-Star and Splash.
  4. Anybody has any idea when the Maruti Suzuki Splash is being launched in India .. Will it replace WagonR / Estilo? Why is WagonR so heavily discounted these days? Almost 35000 Rs worth of exchange bonus .. loyalty bonus etc... Is it because of Splash?
  5. Hey Guys! Just wanted to introduce myself.. This is Reza from Chennai. I work in the IT industry and own an Esteem. I am planning to go for a new car and was looking through reviews when I stumbled onto this site. Regards, Reza