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  1. @rssh... U need to have a address proof of Thane to get the car registered. since this is a very common idea in Mumbai.. i.e. the cars being cheaper in Thane than Mumbai... the cops r also well aware of it.. so.. they have additional reason to get hold of a Thane reg vehicle.. after all,all u r doing is cheating the state by avoiding the octroi..and frankly.. i firmly believe that Mumbai takes care of its citizens.. mebbe it can do with that additional 30k... ... btw... wer in Mumbai r u located???
  2. @Zavo... guess .. me not that frequent here.. and... guess I should ve mentioned it.. I adore the Amby... saved my life a million times.. .(am sure I would be here posting if I were in a M800 during those moments tho.. )
  3. hmmm... there r still some RWD vehicles in india.. and itss still my fav car in india.. itzz none other than the HM Amby... .. built like a tank and the new specs look real neat...
  4. well.. my experiences are much more funne... first time i went for my DL,i was 18.... tho the DL was only for 5 yrs.. the story was same as that of AD... juz dat i dint ve to pay a cent since the Drivin School i wen thru had already paid for it... after few years of inactivity,i let my licence expire.. so decided to get one more.. this time i decided to go for the test come what may... after all i was supposed to get the licence from a reputed RTO in Mumbai... on the scheduled day,i reached the RTO.. the ladies were allowed to take the test first.. so..we guys had to wait in a Q... then finally my turn came.. and so did the rain.. another bout of typical mumbai monsoon!!... all of us were rushed into a shed.. papers happily stamped and lo.. i get back my licence to kill!!!