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  1. hi people , i urgently require a midsizer saloon upto the 8lac bracket , i;ve selected the honda city gxi . should i go for it or u people have any other good car in mind which is better . i have a daily 20 km run !!
  2. can somebody pls suggest me a good second hand performance car within the 3 lac price bracket !!!!!
  3. well i own a swift vdi , palio and opta magnum .
  4. Niteesh

    Spark vs i10

    i'm not to sure about the i10 because i've heard dat it skits at the speed of 60 only and that to from an hyundai service guy . don whether its true or not but i10 is any time still better than spark dude . its got great interiors and features acc to its class and spark is with its speedometer in the center is a flop idea by chevrolet and i seriously don like it . rest upto ur choice and liking !!!
  5. Niteesh

    Skoda Fabia

    with increasing fuel prices , are u like sure u wanna go for a petrol car . if the ans is yes , my suggestion is the swift zxi . for more details u should read the june autocar edition as there is a comparison b/w the swift and the fabia .
  6. city zx is the clear winner dude, sx4 cannot compete with the city zx except the price , on a bonus u get abs + airbags on the vtec plus version . outstanding performance + safety on vtec .
  7. could u pls tell me what type of problems would i face because i'm getting the ikon just for 1.7 lac with the car clocking just 45000 kms .
  8. Niteesh

    hi guys

    Hi guys , This is Niteesh Wadhwa , a car enthusiast and a regular autocar reader . i was just going through the site when i saw this awesome concept . hope to enjoy when i see similar car enthusiast helping out each other . hats off to autocar .
  9. i am keen on buying an ikon for going to college . could someone pls tell me what aspects should i look at while buying it . it is the 1.6 nxt 2003 model .
  10. i think you should go for the swift vdi instead of palio multijet if you are looking from the engine aspect and service too . both the cars have got same engines but swift has the upper edge as it has got more power and better average than the palio mj . also what u will get is better resale and better service than a palio . one dissapointment only in the swift is that its body is not as strong as the palio and can be dangerous in case of accidents . drive safe if u buy the swift .