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  1. Finally she has arrived..
  2. I think its better if i get the bike myself then. Btw its a Lady in Red .
  3. Well.. I have booked the bike. Its coming day after tomorrow
  4. Well i finally decided on a R15 after test riding r15 and rtr 160fi. I must say the bike is pretty impressive. I stay in mumbai and im buying the bike from andheri, and the bikes my birthday present from my dad . Now i just have one doubt, the dealer said that the bike will come this thursday with a "temporary" number i.e TR number and i will get a reciept with the bike, allowing me to ride my bike in Mumbai till my permanent number comes. Can anyone tell me what does the TR number mean and Am I really allowed to ride the bike in Mumbai. Coz my dad asked the dealer to deliver the bike to my place, and i dont trust any delivery person, coz i once saw a person taking a p180 for delivery and he was totally revving the bike. I am totally confused with this temporary number thing. Can someone please solve my doubt.
  5. Ohkie.. Then i think ill go for rtr 180 only. Thank you..
  6. Well what is the specs rtr 180 like the top speed and bhp..? And if you compare it with r15, which of the two has a good punch?
  7. Well I am about to buy a bike after i was down with slip disc for one year, my docs allowed me to get one finally. So now Iam confused which one to go for. I owned a p150 dtsi {1st lot model} before and it used to give me quite amount of maintainance. So amongst the bikes I've shortlisted I've rolled out p200, and I rode the p220 of my friend, and I'm not quite happy with the performance. Can anyone suggest me which bike to go for. Personally i feel the r15 or else the rtr 180{menace} is a good option, but I don't know whether the menace has been released. Iam royally confused, can anyone suggest me a good performance bike. Fuel efficiency is not an issue. Thank you.
  8. hello m a new user.. on my 1st post here.. anyways m having a pulsar 150 dtsi 4 yrs old which m planning to sell n upgrade to p200.. is this option good or should i go for som other bike. m really confused.. i need ya'alls advice.. can sum1 plz help..
  9. hello guys.. m new to this forum.. well i would like to ask about da tvs taurus.. i heard its going to b launched this mid december or something. does any1 know about the proper fixed date when its goin 2 b launched.?? http:// Note From Admin: Please go through the rules and regulations of the board and refrain from advertising.FuelRunGod2008-07-02 11:29:36