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  1. Hi Advisors, I have narrowed down to 2 bikes.. 1. Karizma ZMR 2. Classic 350 I am bit confused on which one to go with regards to VFM and holding it for longer duration.. can you please throw me some light ??
  2. Hello ... I am pretty confused on which bike should I go? I narrowed down to Pulsar 180 & FZ-S? What are your thoughts and if you suggest one of the above, can you please tell why? thanks
  3. No, the does not come without applying break, that too very specific is while at slow speed.. which is before the car stops completly... I dont get the noise if I am applying break at normal speed...
  4. It is a Screaching noise, but I hear it from the front right side!!! The car is just 11 months old.. it is a swift VDI
  5. Hi Team, I hear a noise when I apply break at slow speed... I do hear the noise when the car is above to stop... what could be the problem?
  6. The jerk is not due to turbo charge... this is kind of pull which I have not felt it in my past 10 months. the fuel more than 75%. In one of the post I saw similar issue and the mechanic has suggested him that "this is sure indication of water being accumulated in the fuel pump, this happens in all the diesel cars, there is for sure water content in all the diesel and the pump needs to be cleaned on a regular bases" wiered !!!
  7. Hi, even I own a swift VDI, as you quoted the lights are very poor, it is some what better when we turn on the front fog lamps. I checked with a Authorized maruti service provider and they told that if I am a frequent highway traveler then it is suggestable to change otherwise no.. and moreover they also do the modification by fixing the powerful headlamps. The manager from the service center also told me that, they have got few complaints about the wires burnt due to the heat !!!(do not know if this is a trust worthy statment)
  8. Hi, for your budget you have lot of good cars (both sedan and hatchback). if your usage is more than 1500KM per month, you can go for a diesel otherwise why waste 1Lac more for just a diesel engine, for which you can go in for a top end petrol car with all features buit-in. I am giving my own experience and not giving out my thoughts. I have a swift VDI, I paid 5.75LACs, it is just 10 months, but so far I clocked 7000 KM. you can calculate the difference amount of both petrol and diesel (which will have a bare minimum difference of just Rs.10-Rs.13 more). all that you need to do is see the difference amount between petrol car and diesel car. if you run more KM then you go for a diesel otherwise you go for a petrol (will have a better resale value). Few suggestions: Diesel hatchback: Swift VDI (ABS) for better braking..,, my sincere advice is to go with ABS Diesel Sedan: Logan: Good power, good breaking, good space. (I drived this car and clocked around 1500KM in 2 days) !!! Petrol: you have many !!! I knew these advises are to just compromise you.. but for sure you will buy a car of your choice which will not be listed in these post :-) Just kidding !!! ALL the best... happy and safe driving !!!
  9. Hey, Logan is also an option. Good space, breaking is powerful, good power.
  10. Hello, I own a swift VDI, it has clocked 7500KM so far, and she is just 10 months old. when I release and apply gas say at 30KM speed in 3rd gear .. I get a jerk pull .. the same happens when I am in 4th gear at 40-50 KM speed. When ever we just release and apply gas by pressing the pedal.. in general the vehicle should move smoothly, but my vehicle gives a jerk. It was not the same before. I checked with a service manager he asked me not to use speed diesel.. and should use unlead. I use it but still have the same issue. Wanted to see if anyone has faced similar issue???
  11. Hello Speed, you are absolutely right. The factory fitted petrol version comes with 185/70-R14. The Bridgestone potenza GIII which I enquired is 185/70 and he said that I can fit that with my existing RIM. the cost he said for each tyre is 3400/-.
  12. In addition to that, the car tyre which I looked for is 185/70 bridgestone Potenza GIII. I wanted to know if it is really worth in changing the tyres at this point in time. I this thread, I see that everyone has said not to hard break in that high speed, I actually did not do a hard breaking, while overtaking to reduce the speed little bit, I just pump once, at that time I feel the sway, and moreover it would happen only at a speed more than 120KMPH.
  13. Hello Speed, the car tyre size is 165/80 tubless JK tyres. This is factory fitted. the car is just 2 months old.