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  1. They claimed that the Verna would give me 13 km/ltr. But it has never given me more than 8.75 km/ltr. It quickly drops down to 7.5 or 8 km/ltr after every tuning. Both the dealer and Hyundai dodged me for almost a year before literally asking me to go jump. A fellow called Ashwin from Hyundai said I could do what I wanted. The headlamps are really bad. You can't see the road at night. Every time I complained, they did a shoddier job of alignment. The side mirror design is really bad. You can't see what's behind you in the dark. There are many kinds of noise I hear under the hood, but they have shaken me off with excuses like "dust in the belt drive", "I can't hear it", "it is because the catalytic converter has expanded due to the heat", etc. The demo vehicle had a very good suspension, but my vehicle behaves worse than an offroader. They refuse to do anything about it. Hyundai does not seem to realize that they are in a competitive market and they need to at least behave better if not make better cars. There is a distinct difference I can see between Japanse car makers and these Koreans.