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  1. guys do help me out in my query on my next purchase in AAA..have posted the topic there
  2. Well since mileage of CR-V is a concern for you and you are interested in buying an SUV go for the Captiva..CR-V is a very good car but there is no diesel option..jetta and laura are capable cars but it seems you are interested to buy a Suv..go for the Capiva if mileage is one of ur priorities
  3. Well looking at the price its surely for a selected few..hopefully the linea and punto will be priced well to revive fiat's fortunes in india
  4. yeah they are just cosmetic changes but the interior may get spruced up a bit
  5. Go for the will be more comfortable for your family and it has good performance unless u want to do some serious offroading
  6. Go for the i10 kappa..its will be worth the extra money you are going to pay
  7. thanks for ur replies..will test drive the optra soon
  8. will surely keep it in mind next time onwards
  9. i agree with anveshp that the jetta is too overpriced in india and surprisingly autocar in its latest edition says that its a fantastic buy at 13-16 lakhs
  10. I feel that the buyers guide is not regurarly updated especially when a new variant of a car is launched..and the new buyer's guide for bikes should be more exhaustive and should include fuel efficiency and details about the performance of the bike
  11. hi friends..m planning 2 buy a new car widn d range of 12.5 lacs 2 replace my 04 model honda car runs 4 around 1000-1200 kms a shld b comfortable and hassle free as mch as shld also have a good rear seat 2 make my parents feel wl b mostly chauffeur driven and i wl b driving arnd twice a week or so..was thinking f Laura ambiente but it exceeds my budget..i love d luks n interiors f d Civic especl d V variant..its gr8 2 drive also..but its low ground clearance may be a problem coz f d bad roads in our city..m 4m orissa..fuel efficiency is also a criteria n as far as i hv heard new corolla wl b more efficient..but i dnt thnk it wl be a substantial difference..want 2 seek ur opinions as 2 whether i shld go 4 d Civic or wait 4 d new Corolla..another thing is dat d new city wl b comn soon and if i dnt sell my honda city before dat its resale value wl decrease..wl wait 4 ur replies.
  12. hi friends..joind d forum few days back..i mst say dis is 1 f d most active forums i have seen..lukng 4ward 2 have a gud tym here