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  1. I just took Delivery of New 2021 Himalayan last week, THE BRAKES ARE WEAK  KEEPING LIFE IN DANGER, This is the 1st important point noted, Engine was smooth Suspension is Slow To react And Felt Basic  Doing good job ,Head light  illumination is good in cities under street lights ,Need to upgrade the Bulb to ride away on high way , I Think This Time frame is Welded properly as per Salesman ,

    i used to own 2016 bike Sold On hearing the Chasis cracks issue,

  2. While Cars Import regulations Are Being Eased out with Lots of New Models  getting Launched in INDIA  ,No Tyres are Available in market  for Replacement of same .Due to ban on import of tyres, There is No forum where Car owners express thier concerns to Govt ?? Auto car should Represent Our car consumer Concerns to appropriate department ,(MORTH or ARAI ).

    Exempting Car manufacturers to provide a Spare Wheel ?? Etc

    Hope Autocar Can shoulder our Car owners Responsibility


  3. IF objective is to Protect Individual Indian Citizens Life ,Then Why Cant i Have The Best In world Exceeding BIS standards ?. IF Taxes are the Objective Collecting like GST or BIS Fee ,Then Increase Customs Duty & Collect if Any Shortfall ?

  4. How about Launching A HYBRID CAR   ( Like Toyota Camry )  WITH LITHIUM BATTERY + PETROL ENGINE COMBO   WHERE IN   LITHIUM BATTERY ALONE COVERING 50 KM IN CITY DRIVING CONDITIONS can be A GREAT HIT ,  ( based on average distance covered by individual A max distance of 50 km in city condition )    preferable size of Hyundai Creta 

  5. Fortuner & Ford Endy  Boasts Bit Ego of Owners ,Was surprised In japan We dont find Any of them ? Om maturity we know exactly the Cars we need  ( though toyota has one advantage of being Maintainence wise Low , 

    How ever Any small cars would do ,I am big fan of Tiguan If only they priced another 3 to 4 lakhs Lower Would have been sold like Hot Cakes But VW has Very bad Marketing Strategy This brand Will kill The dealers ,Hence  this VW brand is Called as Sacrificing Brand Within VAG Group( keeps scarificing models  to Skoda, Audi ,Porsche )

  6. Though IndianGovernament is forcing Automobile Manufacturers To assemble cars within india, 

    The cars are Made in India  BUT NOT FOR india  ?

    They are not suited for our indian conditions At present time  example 

    Indicator  switch position

    Gear lever in Place of Indicator ( New mercedes GLC You MAY end up in Reverse Gear )

    Full size Spare wheel & its position

    Run flat Tyres

    Panoromic roof

    Ridiculous Ground clearences,

    Who is supposed to Take care of These things ?


  7. New toyota innova with 17 inch wheels fitted with Low profile Tyres Are Prone to Blow out .I had Experienced this & replaced  with spare wheel & Looking to Change to 16 inch wheel with High profile tyre.

    Noted similar problem with my friends innova too .

    Hope toyota can rectify this earliest.

  8. Audi launched its New Flagship  Luxury version Q7 With Big Flaw Keeping A spare wheel inside the Cabin ( picture attached ) Making it As 6 Seater Than 7 Seater As claimed ,

    surprisingly Skoda Kodiaq with its smaller in Length( Smaller by 350 mm)  Width( Smaller by75 mm) Height (Smaller by 75 mm) & Wheelbase(Smaller by 200mm) Than its Luxurious sibling 

    could provide decent Spare wheel in Wheel well & Still carry 7 people ,

    What a shame 



  9. While Hyundais  &  Maruti are Quick learners , Audi Still taking more time to understand Indian market , 

    example  is  once Audi Q7 was a big hit , But with new model Projected  as luxury model  is not excepted for bad positioning of its spare wheel ,

    its time. Audi s. Should  learn from Volvo  , XC90 Excellence Model , 

    Audi Q7 Should Have done  something like  Volvo Excellence ,That should have been bigger hit ,

    How ever Audi doesn't hear to customers  ,


  10. Mercedes was lacking behind in car Electronics & Communications with regard to other Similar cars ( Hyundais are in advanced situation in terms of. Music Bluetooth Aux in etc AC seat ventilation )

    Mercedes previous SClass Doesnt show The brake pad replacement time ,Unlike in BMW even 5 series shows how many Kms brake pads it can run & when to change brake pads ,

    This small info can save lakhs of rupees & time ,

    When I gave a complaint to Mercedes to upgrade this info ,They had reacted negatively on concerned Area service guy and think he lost his job too.

    Though we had given competitive info ,To improve their own car ,

    Reaction is so bad ,