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  1. Hi spoke to CS Santosh The only Indian Dakar rider who finished on RE Himalayan bike , He was pretty happy with in comparision with old RE 350 , This new Himalayan scores 100 /100, So guys Keep exploring , You can make this wheels to tubeless too & Hasslefree
  2. Yes I just visited showroom to inspect New BMW 750 Li , Surprise There is a spare wheel in A Wheel Well ( though it's Donut ) & Now you can carry luggage too in boot , There is A Height control suspension to move over bigger speedhumps , These changes make the car to be ideal for Indian conditions , (Rear seats didn't have ventilation though,) The Another good news for BMW is Mercedes Has gone the opposite way No spare wheel in boot & It's RunFlat tyres, Hence All the best BMW & Big thanks
  3. No wonder Mercedes gaining in models launch but Losing on Quality & Service
  4. New GLE coupe though launched in competition with BMW X6 , This can compete with Audi Q7 as well , we only need to wait till they launch 350 CDi model , This coupe only misses in 3rd row of seats ,Hope it doesn't matter ?
  5. Tata is known for Comfortable Seats and specially for rear seat positioning and comfort creation example is Tata Safari too
  6. Volvo XC 90 Excellence with its only 4 Seater concept is going Take on New AudiQ7 & it's going to be greater challenge for Audi to compete , Hope Audi should launch something Similar only 4 Seater luxurious version , As there is NO nearby launch of Audi A8 iwithin Vicinity .
  7. IT took as long as 4-5 years To get Good Rear Legroom on All European cars, How long its going to be To get Bigger & comfortable Rear Seats ? Need to wait and see
  8. Thats Jeep wrangler Every year All the magazines carry its write up , But Never Shows Up.
  9. All over the world Cars ,SUV & Finally Men ,Women trying to lose weight And Be Agile Healthy , Like AudiQ7 losing 350 kgs New Audi losing 60-100kgs , Baleno a bigger car than Swift But Low on weight , Why cant TataSafari do that ?
  10. After 3 1/2 years i changed ElectronicParkingbrake unit in my S500 ,This new one failed in 13 months ,when questioned ,Answer is it has exceeded its Cycles ? between this changes car has done only 8000km , Reliability is big issue with this cars
  11. Excellent bikes for India Wish them a great suceess
  12. Having experienced all the european cars over the years , Why do we opt for this European luxury cars ? Brand name to show off Safety Comfort Ride How ever There is cost for this Expensive to maintain Time taking process if Parts needed (takes 5 -15 days in workshops) Lots of electric & electronic glitches Life of parts is Short & Very Expensive Many of them are not designed to Indian conditions. So how do we Need survive this ? I recomend this Time Frame , Mercedes S class Max keep it for 3 to 3 1/2 years with below 50000km Audi A8 Max keep it for 3 to 3 1/2 years with below 50000km BMW 7 series Max 4 Years or 75000km This will help a bit
  13. Ref to Comprision of New Q7 vs new XC90 , Have to congatulate Volvo for doing excellent job on Creating Spacious PassengerCabin & Boot space in a compact model , Volvo is shorter in length than Q7 ,But the legroom in all 3Row of seats is more than Q7 boot space is more than Q7 when all7 seats up But however Baleno is more spacoius in 1st& 2ndRow than Q7 Hope they should have concentrated & Given importance on Spacoius 2nd row of seats in this expensive AudiQ7 than 3rd row of seats
  14. Vokswagen & Skoda sales going down ,Appears Honda ,Maruthi & Hyundai are gaining, Reason is simple Basic CarCost is low & Low on maintaince & Lower parts costs, Skoda is being Hit by Honda Very soon Hyundai will join in with New shape Elantra & New shape Sonata VW hit by Hyundai Creta &i20 & Maruthi Scross & Baleno ,Honda New BRV Unless VW & Skoda Changes thier Attitude & Dealers attitude towards service & Service cost its going to be tough fight
  15. Cross overs are becoming popular ? i feel Yes , Reason is, They Offer Easy Access of Entry & Exit They can cross Water Puddles better As the engines are placed slightly higher GroundClearence is better than sedans So Easy cross over the Ramps & SpeedHumps They are also being Fitted with Fueleffecient engines offering better mileage New design concepts offering better Legroom Headroom & BootSpace. Airy inside
  16. Our Indian Automobile regulator (ARAI ) Woke up Finally and issued notice to VW group on emissions. ARAI is supposed to regulate on Each & Every Aspect of cars launched in india , but generally they are docile , They didnt bother when many of cars luanched into india without proper Modifications as per Indian road conditions like RunFlat tyres etc, Good to see them active
  17. Hi was going thru Autocar review on New AUDI Q&7, Was surprised to notice comment on "The 2nd row of seat is short on Under thigh support" This is not acceptable for Such a Big & Expensive Crossover with 7 seats ""And only 2 seats are comfortable ?"' The review says This AudiQ7 is meant for Filmystars & Page3 guys . Will this guys use Those Last row Puny 2 seater ? To my Knowledge Audi Q7 should release this car As Luxury 4 seater Than 7 seater, And Hide away the Full sized spare wheel in a wheel well .And It will be big hit in India
  18. i was just reading the article written by ShapurKotwal on New upcoming BMW 7 series, iFollowing was the ShapurKotwal observation ""The only area where it seems to be lacking a touch in comparison to the competition is in refinement. The suspension is a bit noisier than you expect, the engine gets a bit loud when you pull it hard and there seems to be a bit more road noise as well. """ This should have Been the primary focus of BMW. with other added upgrades if they have to compete with Mercedes S Class , Let's see what Audi does to A8 ?
  19. Today Audi Matrix Advertisement With new Matrix headlights. ,Reminds me of GoodOld days of Ambassador cars Mark 1, 2 ,3 , 4, It's going to be tough to market cars inindia incoming years , Surprise High end Manufacturers like Merc ,BMW, Audi Jags, bringing low cost cars and trying to fight out Mid sized priced cars ,Thanks to innovative marketing concepts of Hyundais Toyota bringing in Seat ventilation systems Versatile multimedia systems Rear end AC vents Which you miss them Audi A6 BMW 5 and Mercedes
  20. XUV500 needs Clean & ClutterFree design at front ,This may attract more buyers , Just imagine Hyundai Santafe or Creta Next to XUV500 ,
  21. Good effort Move on Please Await for more info
  22. investing into Ampere by RatanTata is indication of another electric car into india by TATA ? Ampere is into manufacturing electric 2 wheelers in south india With a strong technical tie ups and In house research absorption capabilities , This will and should help in fixing up Electric motor with batteries to TataNano , Making it perfect 4 door small car for city drives ,
  23. Mahindra E20, is good start for made in India electric hybrid, My only wish is To improve the distance on a single charge to minimum of 120km In any kind of situation, To have full pledged 4 Doors. To have option of Regular Battery OR Lithium ion Battery, This will definitely improve the sales
  24. Camry had been favourite car in my family and everyone in my family would fight for it to drive Rather bigger & Better cars at home, My opinion of Lower & Mid range cars utilising similar technology of Toyota Camry WITH Lithium ion battery Which Can be CHARGED AT HOME & OPTION OF ENGINE can charge if needed And can be driven 20 km on BATTERY ALONE at max speed of 60kmph Can really do wonders Reducing pollution by 75 to 90%
  25. Are the new launches of Hyundai & Honda with Diesel engines Hurting VW & Skoda car sales ? I feel yes ,Like to know why ?