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  1. I wish Toyota had given option of Lithium ion battery and option of charging Thru home power
  2. Trying to check suitable car for my wife .being short to reach pedals has to draw seat as close as possible How ever the other Danger of AirBag in Steeringwheel . Which is as dangerous as having Explosion on your face ? So what are options available ? Here you have less options but expensive one . That's steering with Telescopic movement & Tilt . So what's safe distance from AirBag ? Minimum 10 inches . Hope Autocar can highlight this issue on of editions . Or carry recomendations glossary as special highlights on India specific issues.
  3. hi iam surprised to notice Audi Q3 iDiesel is showing only 8 Kmpl in city , is this something wrong with my car ???
  4. I owned Audi A6 & Have BMW ,But fell in love with this New Hybrid Camry , Reason is simple it's more practical in approach with perfect legroom feel better than my Audi orBMW ,It's In cabin noise is low ,Supple suspension , Drives gently Caring with All Airbags surrounding including KneeAirbag ,Keeps you cool with Seat ventilation cooling Though only in Front Seats Don't know How they missed in backseats ???, 3 zone Airconditioning , Sitting in rear you can control Audio & Rear AC , And finally you can move backrest of rear seats , 3 people can sit in comfort at rear if need be As there is No Central driveshaft Tunnel unlike in BMW or Audi , Good thing is No Panaromic roof So No heat Radiation hence keeps you cool, Good thing is its eco friendly keeping you cool when you stop at Traffic stops and driving in eco mode . Finally iam going to buy this Think it's best buy
  5. That's good question , I had personally seen Many persons who Own & Using luxurious cars of a class equivalent or more than Audi Q7 ,Going back to Toyota Innova ,There is a Some kind of comfort or convenient I don't know ? Is pulling back towards innova . So I was wondering when we spend 3 times the money for this kind of luxurious MPV Audi Q7 , which is Longer by 20inches, Wider by 8 inches , with long wheel base of 9 inches and in Height its shorter by only 20mm than Toyota Innova , Why can't we expect from this European expertise to design better than Toyota Innova ?
  6. Here comes New Audi Q7 , Look at dimension statistics in comparrision of Audi Q7 with Toyota Innova Length. 5052 mm. 4585 mm Width. 1968mm. 1760 mm Height. 1741 mm. 1760 mm WheelBase. 2994 mm. 2750 mm What should be our expectation based on above dimensions ??? Can we expect the European engineers from VAG with thier expertise give us spacious MPV than Toyota Innova ? Let's wait and see
  7. What's Drivers car ? A car with more Responsiveness , Direct Steering feel ,With less body role Are few things you will notice in Drivers Cars ,The cars categorised in this segment is BMW ,Porsche and other Sports cars , The disadvantage in this type of cars ,Suspension harshness with discomfort to passengers, This will not be suitable for indian road conditions ,Rear passengers will be Subjected to great Discomfort , Hence today' you have choice of cars depending on your requirement, Hyundai are categerised as comfort cars Not sports cars,
  8. Sorry guys system error while Accepting though picture was in right position ?
  9. The drivers can never be appreciated by other than drivers ,They can never be comfortable to others , Hyundais are targeting for other segments , How ever the closest one is New I 20
  10. love this bike use it for long rides KTM 1190 Adventure
  11. KTM 690 With Rally Raid EVO 2 fuel Tanks
  12. Think it's perfect Time to move on for Royal Enfield , low end torque of bullet giving relaxed ride while enjoying the nature , Long travel front suspension cushioning and easing out potholes , Rear mono shock helps in reducing weight Along with single sided Swing arm should also help in easy changing wheel if necessary, Alloy wheels with tube less tyres & Optional Titanium exhaust + Lithium ion battery Imagine the total Wet weight of bullet around 175 kg Should be a Killer of a Bike .
  13. This is the BestTime for Tata Nano TO GO Electric . Reason is Got 4 Doors Looks good Far better than Mahindra Electric decent boot space for Citydrive &Electric is AutomaticToo &Its Green Just give 150km Distance to cover in Any condition . it costs bit more .But lease out battery seperately depending distance coverage . Hope Tata is listening
  14. I agree how ever we are talking about luxury Cars only & Not even fuel effeciency or Speed of sports cars
  15. I. Couldn't Understand Why ? My Dad wants to " DITCH". His Luxurious Mercedes S class to Toyota Innova ? Thought he is crazy & old that's way back 6 years ago , But found he has a reason , Why he has to bend himself to get into car and strain ? Yes he has a Reason , Then I checked alternate cars finally I could located Mercedes R Class , Reason it's Taller with Wide opening Doors ,With more rear seat legroom , One day I was using this Mercedes R class and found Yes my Dad is Right , So when it comes to luxury Car Market Why cars are Shortest and Sitting Low on ground ? Are they permitted to go higher speeds than other cars ? NO ? Do the rich people look into fuel effeciency ? maybe What ever it is I feel luxury cars are bought by many of an age starting well above 50+ , So Luxury need to look into Taller cars where we can walk into them Seats wide enough in all angles More legroom Less Sound into cabin ( low inCabin noise ) Smooth power delivery Unlike BMW Nice cosseting suspension To cross all speed humps Good luggage room to Take 2 Large Suitcases Excepted by Business or 1 St Class Airlines . Etc. Hope u all except on this luxury side of my talk.
  16. i feel yes , Easy to walk into cars ,from middle aged to old aged ,seating position is higher , Stable at speeds unlike SUV s Top heavy, Engine is positioned higher from the ground to cross water pools on the road during monsoon, Crossing ditches & Speed humps is easier , More of legroom & Bootspace Any more ? Comments please
  17. I too felt this B class will be big hit ,Hpw ever you must have noticed the Ignorance of Merc R&D guys On How they view indian market They take it granted Unlike Japanese manufacturers , Think it's 2 nd or 3rd quick facelift for this model and I except More to come . Suspension softening + Ride height increasing + Boosting up power . Despite all this what it needs further is , To hide away spare wheel in a Wheelwell, And give clean boot space to carry luggage Positioning Rear seats a bit Higher As there is plenty of headroom , Pricing , Taking out Panaromic sun roof and giving it as option . All this will help to clock numbers
  18. They call it as India Bike Week , And They missed to Honour The Only & 1 st , Indian Biker who could participate and Finish the The Toughest Rally in the world called Dakar Rally , I wish so called IBW for sake of using name INDIA .They could have invited C.S.Santosh and honoured him .
  19. Hi recently had a test drive in Merc Bclass , Expectations- To be very good Versatile City Car with Good Luggage area To Airports Carrying Luggage With its Tall design Easier to Access Exit & Entry into car should be easier, Finally should be Good Family Car DownFalls No proper luggageSpace in BOOT as Spare wheel sits on the Floor ( Missing Wheel Well ) 2nd Row of seats are positioned Low on the Floor Despite you have Ample Head room , Seats are Narrow Mercedes we have maintenece costs . Hope they correct
  20. Mercedes is supposed to be very user friendly cars , Off late they shed the character of being user friendly With PanaromicRoof & Boot space occupied by Spare wheel . Wait period to get repairs is unusually Long
  21. reddy

    Tata Reborn

    Tata Reborn article is very interesting ,Hope this is a Great opportunity for Tata to come back with a quality product ,Tata cars are always known for comfort , wish them all the luck
  22. When we can import cars of our choice by paying full duty ,why not the tyres for them .