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  1. Luxury cars Tyres are becoming expensive yet they are not available , Mercedes S class Till now has 3 to 4 different Tyre sizes since last 5 years Across S class , Though it is mandatory for all this manufacturers to see this tyres are available in open market ,There is no organisation to overlook this process in India . Hence we are forced to purchase this tyres from authorised Car dealers only, Paying twice the price . Request Autocar to peruse this aspect please
  2. At last there is a competition for Toyota Innova ( No offence against Toyota despite the cost had been doubled since it's launch Our objective here is to get the good vehicles at reasonable cost ) ,We all shld welcome this New Generation of Dacia Lodgy ( Taken over by Renault , see websites of DaciaLodgy for more info on this specific model ) Now here comes the Technical gameplan we shld keenly observe Indians didn't Appreciate Boxy & Van like appearance of Nissan Evalia , Hope the heght of this Lodgy is lower or Maximum upto TataAria , Most Important is where this Extra 2 1/2 inches Wheelbase gone ? + Added to this there should be More space ? Due to engine sitting in Front wheel Drive Direction As per the European website info there shld more legroom even in 3 rd Row . Coming back to engine specs The weight of this Lodgy is 300 kgs lower than Tyta Innova Possible reason is Being Monocoque body ,Less amount of Drivetrain parts being FrontWheel drive 100 to 150 kg less than Nissan Evalia Will the Engine Torque Enough to pull on ? Will there be A TurboLag ? TURBO LAG is a big issue in small sized engines This can be addressed in many ways Hope this shld be taken care , Providing Small turbo Taking care of Low & Midrange grunt Speading of gear Ratio over available Gears Engine lay out gives like Front WheelDrive Has 10-15% of more power in comparrision with Rear WheelDrive engine layout & lighter in weight by 300kgs As per tech power & Torque specifications Toyota Innova. Power-102bhp. Torque-20.4kgm Renault Lodgy. Power-110bhp. Torque-25.3kgm in Max BHP version, And added to 6 Speed gear box & Spreding Torque band can give good Headstart , Let's Hope we have Another Good option in more Affordable way to our ever growing young dynamic country
  3. Longest FrontWheel Driven Car/Van With Maximum Wheelbase (Longer than Innova ) ( Longer than Nissan Evalia) Lighter than Innova by 200kgs Lighter than Nissan Evalia With more Power than Innova 3 bhp more & 5 Kgm Torque more than Innova Is going to be very interesting competition to Innova
  4. Fight in Luxury segment And the final winner is Mercedes S class ,its the story repeats year on year . Why Its simple its Cosetting Ride Less Noise into cabin From outside and from tyres . And its flexible to pass over the speed humps with Ride height mechanism. The only negative points of the Newly launched Mercedes S class is Low height of car Making bit difficult for entry & exit No spare wheel well in boot Less boot space Uneven bootspace as the spare wheel eats into boot space ( not even one luggage peice can be postioned flat )
  5. By looking at the new 7 seater launched recently , They are not even comfortable as 4 seaters ? Reason is to access 3rd row of seats they make the 2nd row of seats smaller Thinner Under thigh support squabs, The cars Height is low ,The seat is fixed lower from the floor making it uncomfortable ,And finally the rear seats are usefull only for the below 10 years of age ,So better to buy a Nissan sunny than Mobilio or Ertiga if you want to be more comfortable , please go thru the Autocar reviews its evident , Maruti Ertga Front seat with long Seat squab of 530mm Are more comfortable seats in front row than Honda Mobilio & even Audi Q7 , Giving verygood under thigh support. similarily maruti ertga 2nd row seats are comfortable with longerseat squab with best rear legroom than Mobilio . Imagine Audi Q7 with being very long car 2nd row seat squab & rear leg room is no where comparision with Ertiga So big car doesnt mean you have comfortable seats .
  6. Akshay Thats really beautifull design concept ,90% chances it may look like that ,in continuation of toyota tradition , As the price of toyota had Doubled since its Launched ,& There is NO competition Toyota will take this as advantage with Minor modifications with 20 to 30% price increase ,
  7. absolutely i agree with you Vikky hope Tata is doing that,
  8. As the Toyota Innova price incresed more than double over last 10 years , This is the perfect time to sort out all the quality niggles for TATA ARIA by TATA ,
  9. Recent article of NCAP Crash test result of NissanGo , should be a eye opener To our ARAI ( Automotive Research Assosciation Of India ) Being reputed Indian Agency why cant ARAI , Take Active role in Safety aspect of our Indians,? why cant ARAI Slowly increase the Safety standards year on year Taking in consideration of growth. There is no positive Active Efforts from ARAI in this direction. They should impose some safety standards taking care of our Innocent New drivers, Like Classifying the cars for City use & Highway use ,Issue circulars to let Manufacturers Paste stickers on wind shield. Make Front 2 Airbags Standard Make ABS standard Make Full size Spare wheel standard , Make specifications on Groundclearences like minimun 180mm, Leaving sports cars EtC . I feel Automobile magazines need pull up this issues with frequent interviews with ARAI cheifs to highlight these issues , Which can make them think positive
  10. Hi sir love to see the New comparisions across the Categories of Cars & SUV like New SantaFe Vs Volvo xc60 Vs BMW X3 Vs Audi Q5
  11. Hi had some inside info The new toyota innova is not going to be exciting Except another Jump in price , As there is no new launches except Renault with 1500 cc diesel engine ,There is no new competiter in this segment Innova Can make good profit for another year or Two ,
  12. And the parts cost on VW are expensive
  13. Even though everyone recommends it's not necessary , Example Toyota Innova uses regular oils and they are running fine till 3Lakh Kilometeres ,Think land cruisers use regular oil , Hyundais use regular oil, Only high end cars deriving Maximum BhP from small engine capacities & High RPM engines need Synthetic oils
  14. VolksWagen & Skoda Maintainence costs should be lowered in order to fight out established players like Hyundai & Maruthi , They are Heavy on pockets
  15. Like to have article on Maintainence Costs upto 50000kms ,In All Segments can be of a great help in making decisions in cars to buy , Hope autocar can do that
  16. It's HighTime our ARAI wakes up To make ABS & 2 AirBags as standard. Like to have comments please
  17. Launching Renault Duster 4x4 ,Does it impact Skoda Yeti ? Time for a comparative information on this both in Auto car can help buyers
  18. Off late I found Toyota is maximising the profits from Innova the most popular & Sortout MPV ? Thanks to Honda Mobilio
  19. Surprisingly this is what New Mercedes B class upgrade has done , PanoromicSunRoof roof Sparewheel eats into luggage area ( damn lucky there is a Sparewheel )
  20. When Toyota launched Innova ,It was hitting many segments and surprised Us at the end , Now Launch of Honda Mobilio Notching up sales ,let's look up where all it's Firing ? Let's look into ?
  21. Hi friends it's time to know what You need when you buy a car , Many of the features we hardly use them , But some practical and very important features like Sparewheel and luggage space GroundClearence are missing ,, 1st example choice to start Do we need PanoromicSunRoof or Sparewheel ? Hope we can keep coming up with this kind of issues ,in continuation ,
  22. Now There is a bench mark Honda Mobilio & Duster4x4 to compete with, In all the sections,Like rear seat legroom ,Underthigh support, Entry & Exit into the car , Boot Space ,Driveability, And Finally the most important Pricing ,
  23. Good to see all the car manufacturers want to concentrate on TERM DRIVABILITY. This is good old logic of our Ambassador car engines were good at , In the present Generation Toyota Innova is what you can experience , Drivability is the Torque generated by engine at lower RPM , Which helps pulling the car at higher gears , This helps in Reduction of frequent gear changes ,in turn helping for good Fuel efficency , Maximum fuel is consumed while pulling from low RPMs ,This happens if your car has Smaller engine & Low torque spread 'you can notice this in Maruti Ertiga diesel , This has been addressed very well in New Honda Mobilio with slightly bigger engine And good gear ratio . Despite the engine capacity is bigger than Ertiga ,Mobilio can give better efficiency within city Due to less gear changes required, This can be better appreciated in Petrol engines.
  24. Who are the quick Learners of these Automobile makers ,Koreans Japanese, Germans, Italians, Of Indian automobile Market needs ? Fiat punto Evo Looks Damngood ,But took this many years to understand about ground clearance for Indian market ,( highlight on improvement of this new PuntoEvo car is Groundclearence ) How long are they going to GET RID of Turbo lag ? Tata is using same engine done Revision to ECU of the same engine to generate Torque beginning at 1750 RPM This reduces Turbo lag & Helps in Drivebility and in speed gears ( This New FiatPuntoEvo still Start generating Torque at 2000RPM ). Similarily Audi & Bmw are unable to provide comfort suspension & Reduce inCabin noise to compete with Mercedes S class, It took 1 year to revise Skoda GroundClearence BMW cars are the 1st cars to get struck in water logging , Hencethey charging extra insurance cost to cover this repairs than Rectifying the problem, BMW still continues Runflat tyres despite they are facing many cases , Finally I rate Maruti Hyundai Japan Audi BMW Last Italians Pl rank your experience as we'll