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  1. Hi like to have Additinol 10 inches of Rear luggage area when all seats In position , Better Entry & Exit into 3rd row of seat , Lower floor Automatic gearbox 4x4 with 2.5 litre diesel Auto gearbox slotted in between. Innova & Fortuner For 20 laks ex show room There is a possibility of increase in power upto 190 bhp (( When 2.2 litre diesel in Hyundai Santafe can generate 190 bhp ? )) 2.5 litre Innova should generate 175 minimum to Maximum 200 bhp Anyone interested?
  2. Hi As the New innova is on Anvil , What you would like to Add or delete on this New Upcoming Innova ? As we know we already have Version from Basic model to Luxurious versions . Don't limit your imaginations. Finally we need to have practical suggestions . LETS SUM UP
  3. Iam surprised to notice New VOlkswagen Passat car height is lower than out going version, Similarily New Mercedes S class is Shrunk in height, Why our cars are not High enough to be more comfortable Why our cars aren't spacious in rear seats Why are we moving away from spare wheel s
  4. The policy on speed limits is Tailor made to country specific , there are well made out guidelines which can be studied from diff counties experiences ,We don't need to Invent the wheel again , Need good common sense to pik what's needed based on our infrastructure , More than that issuing license should be tough enough to make them understand rules Regulations ,we depend on IAS officers for all this, Hope a professional person can do better .
  5. reddy

    Killing KOLEOS

    Sometimes designers kill the cars example in recent years is the one Renault KOLEOS I used to see couple of cars before the Launch of this New Facelifted KOLEOS ,How ever after the launch of the new FaceLifted version ,Could hardly see them, This was info from my dealer friend
  6. Never Ask Authorised car Dealers to replace Batteries & Tyres on High end cars Like BMW & Audi & Mercedes to Replace , You can buy them from authorised sellers and replace ,you can 3 times the cost, Example , My BMW GT 5 is 4 years old Time for replacing the Battery , Cost of Varta in Company 36000+ Taxes Exide makes similar rating you can buy with 10% discount for 14,500rupees With Taxes , Similarity Tyres for Audi Q7 Better buy from Pirelli dealer in your city you can save minimum 4 to 5 rupees on tyre
  7. Like to share my experiences with European cars VS Japanese cars JAPANESE CARS Donkey's Job Regular Use & Cheaper Maintainence Can be run for minimum 1 lakh Kilometeres+ EUROPEAN CARS Safety and Comfort Only on front seats, Heavy on maintainenxe Parts Expensive Better To Get rid by 50,000 kms or Max within 3 to 4 Years
  8. New Nissan Sunny Diesel with IMPROVED Looks Less in cabin noise More refined engine More comfortable seats Best legroom Competitive Price Should be the Value for money , You can plan fitting 2 Maruti Ertiga Front seats in place of rear seats for more comfort ,
  9. Yet Aother disappointment from this Facelifted Merceddes B Class version , They could have taken out Panaromic Roof ,This is more practical ,cause the Airconditioning could have worked better, A full size spare wheel below the floor of luggage could have helped to carry luggage , And helped the family to airport trips ,And luxurious rear seats will help improve image , Hope this guys hear us ? At least Autocar reads this
  10. My test ride of Diesel Mobilio , Here are my few observations to share some strong points some in comparison & Some my opinions on both of the above. Looks of honda Mobilio good Front seats are comfortable Back seats just ok Not comfortable on long rides 2nd Row seat Sliding only on Top End Models is BAD DECISCION Suspension stiff in comparison with Ertiga Mobilio looks taller But. Getting in and out is Car like , That's great disappointment , As Roof height & Door height is different ( approx 75- 100 mm ) Door height is Approx 3-4 inches lower than roof height ,Hence the Mobilio is taller but you need to get in like car , where as Ertiga is easy to get in & out High speed stability in Mobilio is very good and inspires Confidence. Scores better than Ertiga. The low end Torque is very good similar to Toyota innova so less number of gear changes & Strees free driving .Far better than ertiga In cabin noise can be reduced further . Getting into 3 Row is very good in Honda Mobilio , Honda should consider sliding second row of Seats in all models +. More Comfortable seats with extended under thigh support in 2 nd row + Captain seats option , How ever the issue of getting & Getting out of this Mobilio MPV will be an issue. As many family members of 40+ find difficult in getting in & out of this Mobilio Unlike Ertiga How ever introduction of improved Nissan Sunny will be a choice of my car wowing to the price issue .As I may not use last row of seats
  11. Guys i used to own 1st TataSierra & Sierra Turbo etc ,LIved with many Replacements on warranty ,Given long break Till now i didnt dare to buy again Tata product , Usually Tata experiment on Public. Keep upgrading product over The Years On Customers FeedBack . So TATA ARIA being launched 2 Years Ago And Expecting the quality must have improved ? . Thought of giving a try Based on Recent Autocar Article on improved power &New Edition. To Use it as 4 seater with Good Lugage space + 4wheeldrive . Ratan Tata shld sack all the engineers based on this Badquality.
  12. How ever we want the best of both worlds ?
  13. Yes its supposed to be in display in various malls around the country .please look into Honda India websites for the date in your cities, How ever after READING the reviews on Honda Mobilio in Autocar india website comparing ertiga, I had concluded on the only issue is going to be about the Last row of seats positioning Low on the floor, with your knees in air ? So its going to surprise us on quality front as well ????.
  14. Hi sir like to see the Comparision of ,New ToyotaCamry hybrid with New Merc C class & BMW &Audi A4 petrols on comfort creatures like Legroom ,Seat comfort ,IncabinNoise ,Entry & exit ,Luggage area Suspension set up Power etc
  15. Gone thru the Article on Launch of new Mercede B class edition in Autocar, The one important issue was Position of spare wheel ? ( it was placed in luggage area eating into luggage carrying capacity ) , i was expecting this spare wheel well below luggage space ? in revised edition did they correct ? Its good they have softened suspension,in new edition. addition of panoromic roof How ever The panoromic roof wasnt that important in comparision with Clear luggage space ?
  16. Had been reading Magazines on comparision of the above luxury cars & Lucky to ride the next to each other with my friends & Myself , There are clearly 2 important areas Where in Audi & BMW is missing the compettion. IN CABIN NOISE & COMFORT RIDE the other area is Sofa like seats , its been years of losing battle against Merc S class. hope they catch up.
  17. The greatest challenge for Upcoming Diesel HondaMobilio is To Match the TORQUE of ToyotaInnova,''.Can it match ? As the honda had mastered the technique of SpaceManagement, The space in mobilio had been maximised in given dimensions with max flexibility. How ever. The most important factor for Diesel Honda Mobilio , Is the quantum of Torque generated at the Lower RPM of engine .(1.5litre diesel) As this vans are typically driven by Chauuffers ,they love to lug this vans at low RPMS ( For which we need Low RPM torques , ) Toyota Innova with its 2.5litre diesel engine Masters this Low RPM torque giving the chauffers a relaxed way driving habits ,This is the reason subject of TURBOLAG never comes up in toyota innova , you can feel the Turbolag in Maruthi ertiga (1.3Litre diesel engine) Hope Honda has taken care in this issue ? Lets wait & See
  18. Hi Friends This topic needs editing Please read AS RUNFLAT TYRES IN PLACE OF TUBELESS TYRES
  19. Now New Mercedes S class joins the Tubeless tyre band wagon ,Are our roads ready for This Tubeless tyres ? can this tubelesstyres cover said distance in Flat Tyre conditions ? Pity is there is No wheel well priovided to care the DONUT wheel ,This eats into luggage space . Iam surprised why Autocar couldnt convey this messages ?
  20. Hi Friends Like to know your opinions on Tata Aria which had been launched 2 years Ago , Hope All the intial Trial Testings & Niggling issues should have been sorted out by now ,As i like this mpv Can i buy now ? How ever i need lots of thinking to buy in lieu of Toyota innova which is bomb proof , We own 2 of them, , Which are running them over 2.6 lakh kilometeres with out much issues , Like to know the feedback please .
  21. My favourite luxury car New Mecedes S class at Launch had disappointed me with RUNFLAT TYRES , Hope this locally assembled version has spare wheel in boot , Quite A change New BMW GT 3. Is coming with spare wheel and also New X5 5 seater version as we'll ? Merc going other way ?
  22. As Runflat tyres are not suitable for indian conditions and cannot travel a distance as prescribed by manufacturers in flat Tire condition in indianroad surfaces , Why cant we say this cars are classified as ONLY CITY CARS ,
  23. I would like to see the Honda Mobilio Repeating the story of Innova ? i Feel there is a good chance , WIth Honda being Another japanese company known for its Reliable and Very Effecient Engines and very effectively Utilising & Maximising the Space ,Example is release of Ample space in Amaze despite its smaller in length , i feel there is a chance of creating the same kind of space as in Toyota innova in all three seating zones despite its shorter in length than innova , The advantage will be lighter in weght than Innova & with smaller modern engine of 1500cc diesel (higher cubic capacity than Ertiga & smaller size than Innova 2500cc ). It can be very Fuel effecient by minimum25% t0 40% in comparision , And with 6 speed gearbox can be made very drivable within city & 6th gear can add fuel effeciency on highways , New generation Variable turbos can generate LowRPM Torque while minimising Turbolag . With present high cost of Innova .Toyota is maximising the profit..on this model, Hope Honda is listening .
  24. i own a S 500 which i chose over the BMW7 series and Audi A8 ,Reason is S class is silent Less noise into cabin Comfortable suspension due to supple suspension ( infact i chose 17 inch wheel with higher aspect ratio of tyre to 50 ,so i maintained outer diametere to OE standards of18 inch wheel with 45 aspect ratio) ,With its airsuspension ability to lift up to pass over the huge speed humps of diff heights & Full size spare wheel & Tubeless tyres Were confidence inspiring to go to my factory OR OUT OF CITY in comfort and good luggage. The new one is more comfy in all angles. Except the full size spare wheel ,Which is a big dissappointment .I think its HIghtime our ARAI Should use their brains to Only allow ,Whats good for india , OR insist on using a sticker that Alll Runflat fitted tyres carS are Good only within city or Radius of 100 km of dealerships (this runflat had got limited distance specified ) , OR insist on ministry to lay good surfaced roads so this Runflat tyres can run specified distance without fail.
  25. ispection report on Triumph XC800 , The bike in black looks good and very attractive ,The front tyre of size 21 with spokes looks very slim but fucnctionally can be usefull to cover up all the potholes & speedhumps in indian condition, The problem is its TUBED tyre ( should have given Tubeless tyres ,Easy to repair ) suspension is soft , Rider seat height is adjustable in Front & Rear portions individually close to 1inch (25mm) How ever the Bike is taller ,Engine sound gives you afeel like any 4 cylinder engine , Suspension travel of 190mm in front& rear will be more than required to take where ever you want, Uk has another model with ABS , With mag wheels could have been better choice with OPTION to fit taller spoked wheels & Tubeless tyres Are more convinient, so the seat height can be lowered by 1 inch & weight can be reduced by 6-8kg lower , specifically to INDIAN market. OverAll This TRiumph XC800 can be powerfull alternative bike to compete with Twin cylinder BMW 650GS bike in indian market