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  1. Audi made india as dumping ground with more and more powerfull engines in existing models,Rather Making them More Userfriendly and Maintenece free and Less expensive to maintain.
  2. Hyundai launching Grandi10 ,wish them all the best can it give good competition to swift . Love to see the comparision in space and drivebility within city .
  3. No wonder i had read an article in UK magazine ,All theTOP 4 trouble free and low maintenence cars are still JAPANESE.Thanks to uk magazines they didnt add jaguar & Rangerovers on top 4.
  4. we should welcome the sensible launches of toyota. And thanks for low maintenence cars, However we love Value for money .These cars are popular in indonesia
  5. i found all the luxury brands are dumping thier cars in india ,With impractical OE fitments without much options to consumers ,Leading to incovinience , Lack of full sized spare wheel Lack of ground clearence Like Mercedes B class spare tyre fitment ( luggagae area is not flat ) SUV MINUS fullsize sparewheels Volkswagen touareg spare tyre is placed in luggage area to sde cutting into luggage area but lucky its fullsize for SUV category ) BMW with RUNFLATS hardly 25% % of cars can run specified distance Due to bad road conditions, HYDROSTAIC LOCK -Cars giving costly repairs with thier Low air intake levels Leading to H lock ( water intering thydrostaticru intake into engine ) Luxury cars doesnt care about Rear seat passengers .More comforts focussed for front seats, like in Europe & Usa Audi Q7 2nd row of seats Panaromic Roof Glass ? INDICATOR STALK on opposite side, is pain if is Manual Gearbox and driving in the night is worst Hope our magazines Highlight this issues .
  6. The groundclearence of KTM is 220mm against aprilia is 190mm
  7. Hi friends paid advance for ApriliaCaponord. How ever the KTM 1190 Adventure has couple of better things like KTM has long travel suspension (190mm ) against aprilia is 160mm KTM power 150 bhp. Against. Aprilia 130bhp KTM wheel size front 19 inch rear 17 inch. Against aprilia 17 inch front & Rear KTM price 20 Lakhs and Aprilia 17.50 Lakhs Looks aprilia looks better than KTM Now the decision ?
  8. Can't they do a better looking one ? How about this kit in TATA NANO ?
  9. Sumo Grande can be a perfect tool in tata stable and with various parts bin available from different models of tata this can be made into a perfect weapon for offroad to give competition to Mahindra Thar with engine it has now generating higher power & Torque at very low RPM adding another Front wheel drive axle isnt an issue it can fight duster as well
  10. Isuzu single and double cab may do well this come with out Airconditioning need t.o opt for dealer fitted options this may save lifetax to a bit , The competitive price for. MU-7. With those Leafsprings on rear wheels and Low floor fitted 3rd Row seats (6inches of the floor ) and with 2 Wheeldrive , should be max 18 Lakhs on road .
  11. Hi Like to know the the distance covered on Run Flat tyres in idian Condition (on flat tyres) my friends car had covered only 25 km ,what's the maximum & Minimum distance it has covered? Like to gather and share experiences please
  12. Cars With indicator stalk on left side of steering wheel , The inconvenience I found is as below Using indicators while using gears Using high & low beams while using gears Why not the stalk be right side for our RHD country ? Or Alternative is ARAI should ask all manufacturers to provide us with Automatic gearbox at Manual gearbox price
  13. Hi friends need help on brakes of Mahindra thar. Please. I wonder how can ARAI release this vehicles on street being safety related issues . Any suggestions on improving this brakes ? Please .
  14. Hi friends i purchased mahindra thar ,my first drives were in city and felt the brakes were soft as if they were not bled properly how ever while pumping brake for second time the braking was good .when the speeds are Beyond 60kmph IT WAS SHOCKING THE JEEP DOESNT STOP , i had discussion with me fellow Thar owners about 6 of them in hyderabad all of them have same problem And advised me to read Article on another forum on improving Thar brakes ,Need to invest approx 60,000rupees to replace all the parts , Brakes are being safety aspect in the vehicle not only for driver passenger also for pedestrians wish Mahindra should Recall and find a solution i wish Autocar india should take up this issue please ( i feel mahindra to cut down costs had just done MIX & MATCH ) i have placed order for parts recomended as per forum bye
  15. Hi friends Had a chance to inspect Isuzu MU-7 and below are my comments As you know its bigger than Fortuner by 11 inches & japanese More space when all the seats are in position. The last row of seats are great Dissappointment , Feel ford endeaver is better , your knees are in air,The seat is as good as fixed 6inches above floor, only good for kids upto 4-5 feet height ,though the legroom is better, 2nd row of seats are spacious with good legroom (wish it has another 1-2 inch of thigh support) can be moved front to back and can be tilt back and forth 1st row of seats are very good But all the seats are fixed low on floor in comparision with fortuner or innova (persons of 5.10inches height may feel inconvinient on long runs ) Another greatest Dissappointment is Rear LeafSpring set up the ride quality ?????? Good rear A/C vents spread all thru cabin Roof mounted screen No choice this only comes with 2 wheel drive & 5 speed manual gearbox PRICING PLAYS IMPORTANT ROLE TO COMPETE WITH FORTUNER OR SANTFE my opinion is should be priced below fortuner by 2-3 lakhs to fight out A test drive can prove how good it is and How low down the torque is generated and How good are gear ratios are spread across to reduce the Turbo lag this being a biggest SUV bye
  16. Hope this vista continues have the advantage of producing Torque Ahead by 500RPM than Swift .If so it's killer machine with Added Space + Luggage room +better power delivery .
  17. Brio automatic & Mercedes Ml 250 CDi She'd be great hit. And safari storm. Depends on pricing 10-12 would do wonders
  18. We love the Tata cars more than JLR engineers , The only problem with them is They can't hear to customers issues or feedbacks if only they can ? This safari could have been a great breadwinner for tata , it should have lost weight by at least 150-200kgs .Its been on road for a decade and could be made a bread winner by now. ..?..??
  19. Reston looks good with new face hope the weight is down too , pricing is sensitive lets wait
  20. It's very intelligent move to make up the lost ground . Space wise it's winner ,need to wait for a test drive and depends on the how well the gearbox is tuned ,However we aren't racing with this , Maintainence cost are lower for Mercedes than Audi & BMW .
  21. Checked the R diesel its short of 3 features in comparison with Merc R class Petrol Diesel doesn't have Xenon lights Rear entertainment system Airlift suspension I think it can be used as luxury car for elderly with good ingress But diesel is quicker than petrol
  22. Hey guys my dad is 76 years undergone a bypass and critical cardiac surgery , he used to drive in Merc S 500 since last 4 years he stopped using it. And he started using Toyota Innova , I feel guilty to see him in innova , I Am trying to hard to pull him away from innova , can any one suggest alternative ? I found there is no luxury car can match the comfort , recently I visited Merc R Class ? Any more ideas please . He feels he can walk into innova Drive is comfortable He need not bend himself for getting in to it
  23. I feel Merc blunders. On the rear seat comfort on its new launch of B class , Autocar as mentioned was absolute correct , the rear seat could have been more comfortable to distinct itself from other cars in segment , However I feel all these manufacturers respect Chinese ( many European car manufacturers in china launch longer versions with rear seat biased comfort models ) better than Indians (take us granted )