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  1. jambkk

    Skoda Fabia

    Speed -I hope we are not sharing English lessons for schools kids in these forums ! nor teaching to write essay's. Through forums thoughts and experience on topics that are discussed is shared so other members who are looking for suggestions shall consider which vehicle they should go with and so. Again what is wrong with this tread, hope this tread is about ABS being not available in cars sold in India....
  2. Toyata Yaris and Honda Jazz are close competitiors in their segment...where Yaris is the clear winner for its performance and space, but these models are not cheap though you can buy a decent sedan for those prices, that's the reason Toyota is not bringing Yaris to India atleast until end of 2009
  3. Skoda Fabia may look small from outside but the inner space is as good as some sedan's compare the leg-room and head-room specifications you will know the differecne especially on the Wheelbase. The interiors are well built and you get more space to store your water bottles in front doors, near to gear box and on back doors. The seats are good for long journey's and for city trips to. The aircon is not cool enough until the temperature is set around 20-18 and set the fan speed @ 2. The back seat space is good for 2 adults and a kid, boot space is very spacious. This car has more safety features than most of the Sedan especially the quality. Yes SX4 or DZire says we have ABS, Airbags etc..what about the quality and the performance they will perform during their emergency situation..Skoda is for you wants more safety and quality in the interiors and mostly the expectations are high!
  4. Fortuner is a one hell of a SUV, its built on the chassis used by Toyota truck (cannot remember the model). This SUV has high ground clearance with ample of space with quality interiors and especially the car handling. This SUV gives a feeling like you are driving a CAR not a diesel SUV. The power is excellent and this is #1 SUV selling in Thailand for 3 years in row. Heard this is planned to be end of 2009 in india.
  5. jambkk

    Skoda Fabia

    In Thailand ABS, Airbags are not mandatory, as I have lived and worked there for many years, i know how the cars are manufacture there and sold. In thailand, all models are available in Manual, Auto gears with ABS and W/o ABS and options are left to the customer, here in India. The ABS, AirBags, and other safety features are not included just to keep the price tag lower, and no options are alos provided, beause they have hold stocks for those parts which will not sold that often. Only Accord comes with AUTO gear with no Manual gear option..
  6. I took the delivery of Fabia 1.4 Petrol Elegance, last week and have done 80 Kms so far. I used to drive Honda Accord 2.4 for 4 years and Civic for 3 years previous to my Accord, but they are AUTO gears. This Fabia is strong built and you feel the every time you open or close the door, the interiors are well placed but there are teething design flaws like...your left leg hits with the radio box and the position of seat is tilted towards to more right to avoid your left leg hitting the radio unit (control). The performance is good (the torque) but there is engine noise heard if you push the accelerate to spin more than 1800 rpm, but if you are at 3rd gear below 1800 rpm the cabin is quite, the A/C fan motor makes some strange noise which disturbes the inner ambience. The biggest drawback is the Petrol tank cap opener, you need your Car key to unlock it and lock it back once petrol is filled...which means you have stop engine get out of the car and get this done...will write more once i have taken this mini tank on the high way...