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  1. I think mileage wise CT-100 is good but as it becomes old mileage reduces Performance wise Honda Dream Yuga looks good TVS STAR is also good and if we look overall performance with decent mileage figures it seems Dream yuga is best but its price is on higher side. So if mileage is only concern CT-100 If Performance matters with low maintenance DREAM YUGA
  2. If electric tata nano comes into market early, it will be boon for customers and for tata motors
  3. I think most sought after bikes are Shine and Glamour as these are largely sold hence spareparts availability is easier for them and both have good mileage figures also
  4. No body has any view regarding best bike ?
  5. which is the best bike in your opinion in 150 cc category. consider one bike from each manufacturer like HONDA, BAJAJ, TVS, HERO, SUZUKI,YAMAHA etc.
  6. Which bike do you feel is best in 125 cc category.write your opinion in terms of handling ,mileage, maintenance cost and ride quality.
  7. Please tell which bike do you feel is best in 100 cc segment and why?
  8. I am also in search of it and I also want that screen should be such ,so that rear view camera can be connected with that so that rear view mirror works as it is means I don't need to cover rear view mirror with camera screen
  9. Which rear view camera is good AUTO COP or world tech.In which picture quality is better? If any other better rear view camera available please advise
  10. VIN Number is MAT623226ELN28752 FOR TATA ZEST please tell year an dmonth of manufacture by this
  11. What happened whether your scooter mileage increased?
  12. I have again checked the mileage of my activa 125 cc .The last time I filled the fuel tank full and then run it 241 kms and again filled the tank and the petrol filled in was 5 lit, so again it is around 48 km/l.So far scooter is O.k .
  13. I am also interested in getting original accessories and sales person has told about auto cop rear view camera that will cost 8500 and no warranty voids .about seat cover it is doubt that whether they will provide original because in market seat cover is available in 3500 and dealer giving it at 680 and market shopkeepers tell that there is no original cover the same cover will be sold to you at 6800 it is your choice if you want to pay more .There is so much variety of seat covers available at every shop that it is difficult to judge which one is better and whether dealer is selling original or something else which shopkeepers say.One shopkeeper has said that AUTO FORM seat cover is best but it will be prepared on order and he will bring it from dehradoon or Ahmadabad.
  14. No body has answered please advise and also which seat cover is good leather or fabric