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  1. OMG that's fantastic good to hear that car looks very attractive as well this forum is hotting up
  2. Hey Check out this video... awesome....
  3. have you started your model shop dude ?
  4. Type R is a special car almost 200bhp will be sensational if it is launched but wimps here will ask for a diesel one so it will flop time to make diesel more expensive than petrol bikers use petrol after all Post edited; Please use regular fonts & sizes.BornFree2011-07-01 16:50:56
  5. it has space, comfort, a super engine and ticks all important boxes this car is a winner eventual average should be 8000 to 10,000 a month
  6. looks good if a bit too generic i want a 180 bhp Rally Sport version !!
  7. Is this car really ideal for the Indian market ? Maybe the design is a bit too arty for us here and not modern enough ? Fiat, they can get it right, sure but there's always something amiss -really . Come on all you fiat fans - why are the cars so down on power always the 1.6 Siena and the palio are an exception !!!
  8. Uploaded with Uploaded with Sorry, am cheating a bit, but just look at the old Ferrari V12. Velocity stacks on the carbs, four coils, massive distributors and those snaking white exhausts with no silencers or cans. !!! the 330 p4 and the Lampredi V12 is a work of art. The new 599GTB is sexy too; but next to the 330 - it looks as nice as a fridge.
  9. is the world's fastest diesel car really coming ?
  10. Will there be some basic cars available for sale there ? What's the range like if someone wants to get into the sport - was just seeing some videos on you tube, looks awesome Check out this crazy race
  11. There is no doubt about the future being very green Greener cars, less pollution, lower running costs The whole world can look forward to this EXCEPT INDIA Because unlike China, we have no serious plan for cars of the future NONE
  12. why don't porsche assemble the Cayman in India ? that would be perfect; now that they have a BIG plant here . . . .the VW one yaaar
  13. HEY GUYS This looks like an official Maruti vs Chev tussle is going on here who cares who makes the car and how much they are making or not what matters is 1) are they a stable company and will they be around for long ? - very obviously GM is. 2) are the cars good ? aveo sedan may be dogfood, but the spark and captiva are pretty good - and the optra magnum diesel - ahh there's some real greatness THAT'S REALL ALLT THAT SHOULD MATTER
  14. SUV 's are built for off roading scorpio will do the samba at 120 if you hit some bumps go for fiesta S - eyes closed
  15. he's going to powerslide it at the next Tata launch PROMISE !!!!
  16. Tejasmehta, some really good stuff. Think we can compile a list of our woes and send it forward to people who are in charge Every can of worms needs to be opened !!!! And we can get it published in news papers as well - spread the word
  17. What are the 5 main reasons why our traffic slows to a crawl ? 1)Cars not parked close to the kerb or double parked - this chokes the road, providing for a cardiac arrest like situation. 2)Constant merging of traffic from 3 lanes to 2 and back - you have to slow down and wait for the car ahead 3)Taxis and Ricks - no explanation needed 4)pedestrain encroachment - people walking on our roads, even when the footpath is free you tell me
  18. true - we need cloud lamps in India not fog lamps the feature I hate most is the auto fresh air setting. a lot of german cars have this. get in the car, switch on the aircon and you get 'fresh air' - that is until you smell the sooty exhast from the car near you its useless in India and makes the aircon work much harder, meaning you use more fuel the german companies call it a safety feature, but have you heard of anyone coping it in a jap car because the default setting was re circulate ?
  19. don't you guys love this big hatch trend. who wants a big boot anyway - need to pick up people from the airport - send them an Innova
  20. the best mod you can make is to fit a maruti carb and get a nice filter this is a great motor to tune, but be sure to use a tach - overrev it too much and it wiill swallow a lot of bits
  21. I thnk Mahindra needs to rethink their grille apart from that the car looks pretty good and the interiors are cool too lets see how much better the Innova is now Worth the massive diff in price - ???? Haha Toyota, time to bring the Innova priices down -
  22. what ?? no argument -what of the new city or the SX4 ? does everyone agree ?