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  1. Guys, I was just surfing and went on to one of my fav sites... www.motorcycle.com. Guess what? They have the test of our Indian Dazzler! http://www.motorcycle.com/manufacturer/honda/2010-honda-cb-unicorn-dazzler-review-89972.html The content is from ACI. They had even carried a review of the Twister earlier. Haha! Lawnmowers in the US have bigger engines than the Twister!
  2. ACI has confirmed Honda is working on a 250!! Great news!
  3. Ive also heard the P220 Fi will continue, but with such a big price difference y will anyone buy it? If Bajaj can make the carb 220 perform better with equal mileage, it only means their Fi tech was not good...
  4. Hey! Want to know what u guys think of the new Bajaj P220? My friend has the Fi model and now feels cheated! New model is faster, cheaper and has same mileage. It costs 10k less, so resale of old is affected....Shouldnt Bajaj have reduced price a bit but kept fuel injection? It is better tech than a carb so why is Bajaj doing this? CYRUS432009-07-16 13:13:23
  5. ya! havent been very regular on the forum! But the Hunk is anyway better looking than the Xtreme. Xtreme with one black alloy and one red just looks stupid !
  6. autocarindia.com has put it on news. Thankfully, it doesnt look as bad as the CBZ X-treme upgrade!
  7. Yup, this is the updated a6. It will come with day time LEDs like those on the A4 and LEDs at the back as well.
  8. I was flipping through ACI, i think Nov issue....even they covered the retro looking scooter and mentioned a marketing exercise....We can probably expect these very scooters! Liquid cooled will be a first!
  9. hi! a warm welcome to the ACI forum! I was also curious about the article....the persons name is Sushant Raut, he has a website called www.authenticpoint.com Other modifications by him are also shown there.....have a look!
  10. Finally!! A proper looking Z4! This one looks goooood!!
  11. Bajaj's upgrades r predictable now....
  12. Saw another 2 Lineas being tested in Pune. They are so common now, its almost like the zebra stickered test cars are on sale!
  13. FZ16! No doubt! And a special award to Yamaha! Peoples choice Award??
  14. Yup, i agree now. It looked a bit vague but after reading about him being on dry tires it seems ok. But still, last corner!! Hope Ferrari backs Massa next yr as much as they did in 08.
  15. I had lost interest in f1 after montoya left, missed the whole of last season.....but the last lap alone of yesterdays race has got me re-addicted!
  16. Surely the Italian mafia is going to be after a Mr Timo Glock!
  17. Agreed Bajaj needs to improve on quality, but dont go by sales figures for the company's success. As of what i understand Bajaj and HH are on different strategies. While HH's profits are made from smaller margins from more bikes (100cc focus), Bajaj makes bigger margins from fewer bike (125 cc focus). So sales numbers may not be the best guide for a company's performance.
  18. wait for the Splash from Maruti....should be out in a couple of months, it should fit your budget and is a smart looking car and has a good engine too.
  19. Is the colour combo of the Honda 'earth dreams' F1 team? Not a good choice f so, seeing how screwed up the team is these day....
  20. Same story in Pune. No test rides. There is a lot of interest in the bike whcih is great for Yamaha but their attitude is a cause for worry. I wanted the bike before Diwali but i guess now I will wait for user reviews regarding service and after-sales because their pre-sales is just not encouraging.....
  21. Vibhor yaar, no issue! Everyone can say what they feel. Thats what makes the forum fun and 'masaledar'! I understand the hike to 80 seeming high from just two years backs price of Rs 60. But there r would be many factors for this rise. Rising costs being one. Also, you want the quality to improve. What exactly about the mag do you want changed or improved apart from not getting posters and DVD's often? Possibly your suggestions could help us all get more bang for our buck!
  22. Yup, and i dont know about others but my monthly issue of ACI is up there with other necessities like food, water and petrol for my bike!
  23. Hey no one has mentioned the people selling the mag. Out of the Rs 80, a large portion goes to the seller, in most cases small shops. And with everything becoming more costly these small retailers can do with the extra 10 bux, dont you think?
  24. Yup. I had planned to buy the bike when i heard bout its launch in mid-September. First i was told deliveries would start on Oct 1. Now Im being told the bikes will start selling on the 15th. I'm a bit unsure of my decision now. If this is their attitude before sales, god only knows what to expect once my cheque clears and they hand me my bike. Im seriously considering the P200 or Apache RTR Fi. Yamaha really needs to get this right if it wants to rebuild its image.
  25. Hey! I'm in a similar situation. I decided to buy the bike int eh first week of september when i heard of its launch in mid-September. Then i went to showrooms and they told me Oct1. Now I'm being told Oct 15th is when the first lot of bikes will come. Isn't this a bit fishy now? I definitely want a bike before Diwali and am now considering the Apache RTR Fi or even the P200.