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  1. Man r15, u r 1 misinformed person! Poor visibility to the sides? Dude you look straight and ride, not besides you! And in the rain rather than the rain going into ur eyes, it falls on the visor, so visibilty is better too! I dont even know why u r arguing against helmets!
  2. They launching the bike at 65k!!!! YEAH!!!
  3. I havent watched a race since 2006 after JPM's departure coz of how monotonous F1 became. But i did watch this race and saw the 'incident'. I think It was correct to penalise Hamilton coz he didnt back off completely. He was beside Kimi and that isnt sufficient after cutting a chicane.
  4. The bug is looking more and more like a Porsche hatchback now!
  5. i10 would be the safest bet. Tata's quality will be known after 6 months of use only.
  6. I think they will price it in the late 60's. A 70k price will cause a mental block as buyers will automatically feel the bike is 10k more than the competition. Lets hope Yamaha gets this right!
  7. I too would suggest the Logan. Looks better built and is really spacious. I dont know about service from either Tata or Mahindra so account for that too before you make a decision.
  8. Thats rubbish!! Wearing a helmet protects ur head irrespective of wot speed u crash at!
  9. First and foremost.........GET A LICENSE! Then, get an AGV lid...i too wear glasses and have a big head but my helmet fits me well....And take it easy on your bike for a while. Get comfy with the bike first.
  10. Its sad that our Supreme Court has to intervene for such basic things. Court order or not, wearing a helmet is a must.
  11. I doubt Yamaha will get the R6 because there are some restictions by the government on import of sub-800 cc bikes.
  12. I am pretty sure they will advertise it as the 'all new Tavera'. GM has big plans for India. This is not a good start.
  13. The front headlight looks a bit like the SLK's!
  14. 72 bhp if im not wrong....Felt very underpowered and gearing didnt help things either.
  15. hahaha!! They actually call that a facelift? Isnt that supposed to freshen up the looks and make it look modern. Even after the facelift it looks like its an early 90's model! I guess GM is still competing with the Qualis! Someone pls wake them up and tell them about the Innova!
  16. I think the Karizma is an excellent bike for long rides. Its seat position is nice and its engine is not tuned for out and out performance, so would be good to cruise on. But Ive read its lights are quite weak.
  17. Very sad for Bengal. I am not to clear about the dispute over the land but as of wot i can make, it has been blown out of proportion. The Tata's are known for their ethics and i doubt they would have used dirty tactics to get the job done. I hope the '1 lakh car' will still be a Rs 1 lakh car after the added expenditure of shifting plants is worked into the price.
  18. woah!! Man cyrus ,the mach 5 looks amazing!! Would anyone have any idea where you ge model cars in dubai?
  19. thanks ppl! Cheers! And blue saphire , cool man, ur post made it to the mag!! haha!
  20. It will be launched in Sep itself, but will probably be available by October only. And it will be a 150cc only i think. Price should be in the late 60s to early 70s. Anything higher and Yamaha might blow it!
  21. Ya check out the speedo error....at an indicated 120 it is actually doing 111 as per the test!! That's a huge error! So if the bike is showing 130 or 135 it will be doing only 124 as given in the mag.
  22. I am pretty sure it is the true speed. ACI's figures are always accurate and they use really good gear for their tests. I think aerodynamics wont be playing that great a role at sub-150 kph speeds.
  23. Hey romeo, ACI and other mags are just calling a spade a spade. Skoda's quality is leagues ahead of the competition and not only in India but abroad as well. They have consistently finished amongst the top 3 in the British JD Power where the competition invloves everything. VW and Skoda may not be premium brands the world over, but they are known for their quality. And as for you saving for a Merc, let me remind you the last generation Mercs were all panned by the international press for their disappointing un-Merc like quality! Stick to Beemers! And between the Civic and Jetta -I'd take the Civic, its from the future!
  24. 75k sounds a bit much. But lets see what it has to offer apart from those gorgeous looks.