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  1. Nope i dont think it shares the frame with the r15...The R15 has a high tech Diasil frame which is quite expensive to produce, so unlikely Yamaha will use that. And it will have a mono cross rear suspension. Hope it comes with a rear disc too, not really needed but looks nice!
  2. He he! My bdays just around the corner... 2nd sep'87...but being a huge led zeppelin fan i prefer calling it zepp-tember!!
  3. It looks damn nice....Has a nice fat rear tyre unlike the R15...got a more torquey engine so should be nice in the city...lets see what ACI has to say!
  4. Hey! Interesting news! I have just found out Yamaha will be launching the FZ150 in mid September! Finally an affordable (hopefully!) kick ass Yamaha 150!
  5. hey does anyone know where i can get a model of Juan Pablo Montoya's 2001 or 2003 BMW Williams f1 car? Any place in bombay or pune or even Dubai would do!
  6. magazine stand dude sed it will be out on the 1st of september only! Sux!
  7. I personally feel the R15 is priced too high...Features are good but for a day to day usage most of the features are redundant. Only if u r an out and out rider to whom the latest tech really matters would the R15 be the best choice. I think once the initial hype dies down, people will see the P220 to be the better bike.
  8. I dont think that is a problem with the bike. I have seen generally in the rains brakes need to be pressed 3-4 times hard to get them to function properly. Possibly this removes water on the brakes. Try it and see.
  9. The pulsar is not high on quality....i bought mine in jan'07. Since then the following parts have been changed under waranty - starter motor, fuel gauge part inside the tank, digital speedometer, silencer (due to rusting). I have also seen many pulsars with the back LED's not working. If u do buy a Pulsar pls take the optional extended warranty. In my knowledge Honda has the best quality
  10. The stunner is a very nice bike.....have been riding my friends bike. Its engine is ideal for city riding and its in ur budget too....any news of the yamamha fz?? when will it be launched??
  11. i dont know whether the lanza will be 'the' bike thatll change suzukis fortunes in India. It doesnt look spectacular or distinct. And looks r quite important in the 150cc segment. As of wot i can make from the lanza it'll be a bike that does everything well but nothing exceptional. A typical buyer already has the Pulsar for that. Suzuki will really need to position it well to make a success out of it!
  12. Finally Honda is working on their bikes looks too! It may not be powerful to be really called a sports bike but it might just offer a good compromise of a big bike feel with 125 cc efficiency.
  13. It looks way too much like the 5.....The kidney grille is too big...but like with all other bmws it will grow on us!! The pre-facelift last gen 7 was a real looker, with a presence mercs and audis just didnt have!