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  1. Hey BS, welcome back after such a long time. I second opinions of other for SUV. Reasons: 1. You already have 2 sedans. 2. Jetta is an ultimate car having excellent performance, ride and handling, F.E. and driving pleasure. By buying F-30, you will not get anything extra-ordinary except brand and better ICE. 3. Being young, if I am not wrong you are in your 20s, SUV suits more than a sedan. So, from all other SUV in your budget, my pick is FL-2 for sure. It is much better and proportionate SUV than Q3. As said by F30, Q3 is just like a bigger Hatch. while FL is proper SUV. So just give a thought on the line and update us. Bhavin
  2. Hi, it should be Honda city only. Linea has lost it's ground due to niggling issues and poor after sales services. The resale of the car has also gone to the lowest possible level and down the line 5-6 years the future seems very cloudy for FIAT. Against that, Honda is a leader in Petrol cars, gives perfect combination of Driving pleasure and F.E. and ASS. So if I were you, I will go for Honda city. All the best.
  3. The height of the floor seems high from the ground, specially visible in "school bus rear door open photo". It is not feasible for small child to get in and out of the bus. The door is on the opposite side and will be risky. Hope this is rectified in final production version or there is an option for Indian buyers. But one has to check the width of the seats for comfort.
  4. The front facia with the resemplence of Xylo is a big let down for me. When you are focussing on whole new segment than Xylo, why putting a car with same face? It would have been better they have put the face of XUV and coding the car with 200 or 300. Even a new face will also create a nich in to the minds of people that this is a new vehicle and not just a shortened Xylo. Hope they keep all other things better inside out. All the best M&M.
  5. It is as simple is this: if you want feature rich car with good looks and save 3.5 L, ok with less power, go for Elantra. But if you want power packed car with contemporary look, with tank like buit quality, go wtih Jetta. Though, jetta is bit costly, it is really a great driving machine and has comfortable cabin. The pleasure of driving jetta can not be compared with any other car. If you will search the autocar website, they have comparo of all five cars, except Elantra, as it was not launched that time. And the winner was Jetta. But as now Elantra has been launched, I feel that there is tie between Elantra and Jetta. All the best.
  6. This is most stupid judgment. They don't know the issue perfectly. Today, I have to wait in queue for 30 minutes in pick hours and 10-15 minutes in non-pick hours. There are very few filling stations in Ahmedabad city. If you go on north-gujarat highway, there are queues, which runs in metres for filling CNG. It takes roughly 1-2 hours. So imagine the scene, when all the vehicles are converted in CNG. It should be supported by similar addition in filling stations. Establishing a filling station is not an easy job, they have to install a pipline from main station to the filling station, to maintain the pressure. so all in all, it is not a good judgement according to me. Let's see how it is implemented.
  7. Hey congrats man.... You really waited very long and I highly appreciate your ability to wait... Congrats again for a wonderful car.
  8. Lack of safety package, VERY BAD fit and finish of interior, very low seats not comfortable for even medium sized person, lack of adequate thigh support are few issues which I have observed during first look of vehicle. Test drive was not available at that time, hence I could not comment on that.
  9. Hey congrates for Beat. Keep updating here about the dealer and delivery experience in due course. All the best and happy driving..
  10. Swift is also available, upfront without any premium as far as Ldi, Vdi are concerned. Ertiga Petrol available upfront in few colours, except Zxi. All the best.
  11. Hey, you have your answer on the home page of the Autocar india website, the shoot out of Executive Saloons. Hope you must have gone thru it. My choice is also same i.e. Jetta. No other car in the segment, give you punch, space, comfort, safety equipment like Jetta do. I am not the right guy to give you advice on mods, but if you manage mods on jetta, there is nothing like it. The negatives are hefty price and in-distinctive look All the best.
  12. This seems to be a good face lift. Let's wait, how much efforts are put in upgrading the interior, one of the biggest culprit of the car. M & M have to come out of the mind-block that Logan is offered for lower class and taxi market of C-segment buyers. If they try to target the buyers of Verna and Vento, they can atleast get ahead of Manza and Etios buyers. They have all the good things in car like engine, chasis, space etc.. what they need to improve is the feel of the car from inside out. See the sales numbers for Sunny, it has it's own class with the same engine. Just due to better exterior, interior and package for the price. Hope M&M is listening. All the best. nikvint2012-05-07 05:00:31
  13. Maruti needs to improve the quality, fit and finish of interior of Ritz. In current generation it looks very ordinary. Facelift is due since long and to improve the numbers in competition of I-10, AT along-with improved interior and more features are need of generation. Let's wait. All the best.
  14. HM to the market: See Fortuner is not available easily, it has waiting period of 2-4 months.. Why you should own Korean brand after spending so many bucks....Honda does not have diesel engine.... Other players are not that great... So all in all, if you want solid SUV, you should buy Pajero sport today by paying hefty prices.. Sorry Govt has levied 110.%.. And mind you, I will slash the price by 3.00L once we start assembling it here..All the best..
  15. It is good that Maruti has opted for ABS from base version. But till now they were not very serious for ABS. One of my friend had booked Ritz Vdi with ABS in Oct and after waiting for 60 days, he has cancelled his booking in favour of non-ABS. He has tried all the dealers in the city and nobody was ready to take the booking of ABS ritz. Hope MSIL has planned his inventory properly. All the best.
  16. Hey neerajd, it is not irony that you have to be lucky to get the XUV500 and you get Audi & beemers easily. Obviously the buyers for Germans will be much lower than the buyers of XUV. Here Mahindra has kicked below the belt to so many cars in the industry and gathered interest of bulk of prospective buyers. Just think how many people are on the verge of updating from their VERNA, CITI, FIESTA and LINEA. Their next pocket size will be 10-14 lakhs and see you don't have proper option in the market, in that price range. There are so many other who intend to buy SUV and what are the options? Safari and Scorpio only.. Both of these are too old for younger generation. Those who are stretching for Endy and fortuner are also putting their calculations of saving so many lakhs while buying XUV and yet serving the purpose of having a proper SUV. So after seeing great success in 5 cities and the premium running in the market, so many people have find an investment opportunity too. So all in all, this saga is going to be their for atleast one year, except some extra ordinary product comes in to the market ( which is not possible immediately), or any change in Govt. diesel policy in coming budget. What say?
  17. By cutting the boot, Maruti has emptied the ground for Etios, sunny and Manza. To keep things in their favour, they should market the SX4 aggressively by reducing the prices, updating the product etc.. They should price the Ertiga very competitively to keep their presence in 6.00 to 8.50L category.
  18. For die hard Swift fan, instead of compromising with other products, isn't it better to get swift/d-zire by paying some premium. Whatever premium you will pay will be offset in resale value of other product. What say? All the best.
  19. Hi, overall fit and finish of Wagon-r is very poor, the engine is very f.e. but it has lot of vibrations too. The insulation is very poor and hence lot of noise pip in to the cabin. Though it is best VFM car in the segment. If you are fine with all this, you should go ahead with it. If you can spend some more bucks to get better finished car, you must look at I-10 1.1 Magna. It has, not only better fit and finish, but better space too. The 1.1ltr engine (from Santro) is proven and very peppy engine. However, the F.E. is bit lower compared to Wagon-r, say 1-2 km/l. Now you decide, what you want in your car. All the best.
  20. You can get the certificate from National Insurance co. for your NCB by paying the amount pertaining to discount due to NCB and you can use this certificate while buying insurance for your next car. Dealer always quote higher prices for Insurance and earn higher commission. You should get the rate from your private agent with discount and on that basis you should negotiate with the dealer. Always go for Zero Depreciation policy. All the best.
  21. I feel New Honda city matches most of the requirements. After offering EMT at around 8.00L, you have to thing twice before buying Verna @ 10.50 L and Vento @ 11.00L, all diesel if you are driving 10-13K per annum. In premium hatches, still there is no perfect diesel car. Swift is good but, it does not have boot space for a short trip of 4-5 days with family. So , I feel still there is a room in the market for a car with a good engine, better space in rear and boot. I do not understand why manufacturer can not make a perfect hatch for India, when you have such a big market for hatch. Our beloved Dr. Nishu and Bornfree are still finding a better options for their needs. All the best.
  22. The ugliest on the earth. It can not be a CAR, just a four wheeler Auto-rickshaw. Poor work done by BAJAJ.. That is why the Share price fallen 7% yesterday, I guess.
  23. Your figures are really great. Actually your last input on 20.12.10 shows 20000 kms and in Dec.11 you show 79000 kms, so I calculate from dec-10 to dec-11. Great car, great driver- what else the forum need. All the best.
  24. nearly 60000 kms in a year, are you crazy? great dude. keep it up. All the best..nikvint2012-01-02 13:08:54