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  1. Hi, I want to buy a compact SUV. My budget is 10L - 12L. I've shortlisted Renault duster. I test drive duster & like the handling, Comfort & FE. However duster is short on features. I like the Hyundai creta first drive reviews but handling & comfort is not yet fully tested. I know that Hyundai will officially launch Creta on 21st July, but delivery / waiting time is not yet known. I do not want to wait beyond sep-15. Please advice.
  2. The additives in the fuel clog the injectors used in common rail fuel injection system. The clogging of injector can lead to engine failure.
  3. Recently GM has reduced the price for spark (2.66L). Now it is in the same price band as of Alto. Kindly suggest me which one to buy for a first time buyer.