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    hot hatch

    i will give my vote to vista... be it design, interiors, space, features and most important price its better than all... ya i do agree that tatas dont have the good service outlets but looking at the package i prefer vista over others
  2. tats some really nice pics the yellow one looks cute and i guess people who have been talking about cheap interiors n comparing it with maruti must realise that maruti 800 is lac rupees more than nano.... amazing camera work keep up the great work... and thanks regards Vroomo
  3. @speed Out of curiosity wanted to ask where did you get the info on new indigo being on vista platform and launch is round the corner???
  4. Dear Rahul I would suggest you to have a look at Indigo XL also since u r looking for a family car and the comfort which u can get in XL is unmatchable be it leg room at the rear or features. I would suggest XL Classic I know its not as good in driving as Desire or Fiesta but comfort for your family I guess will be the priority so in that department XL is really good. Anyways all the best Cheers Vroomo
  5. I feel the same as bluesapphire do consider Indica Vista it has more space its more comfy and ya cheaper as compared to Swift and top end model's esp mumbai is 4.88 lacs.......
  6. check out the site www.altis.com.my/ for the pics it looks nice front looks like the camry... cheers Vroomo
  7. Insider information The first lot of V3s to be sold in India will have MJD engines imported from Europe since Ranjangaon plant has just started the production. So first few lucky people can go for the new Indica with imported engines.. Cheers Vroomo
  8. Hi everyone Wanted to enquire how is the engine cc and weight carrying capacity of the car related? is there any thumb rule for instance that a 1300cc engine must carry certain weight and all which will give engine better performance? Help me out on this guys and if there are any related threads then do post the link... Cheers Vroomo
  9. The car looks like fiesta some what But great work dude Cheers Vroomo
  10. One thing is for sure that new Indica will come with the multijet engine and yes may be the new indica generation indigo will also come with a multijet and dicor in different variants... lets wait and watch and hope quality improvements are there in the new tata launches from now on... Cheers Vroomo
  11. I will go for MercedesE class cos at the end of the day first name that comes in my mind when asked about luxury sedan is mercedes may be others have better features but Mercedes rules....
  12. Hey Asif I will suggest that go for Indigo XL Classic Dicor. I know most of the members will not agree with me and say that its a chauffer driven car but I suggest to get more clarity check this link http://www.team-bhp.com/forum/test-drives-initial-ownership-reports/41730-indigo-xl-classic-dicor-3.html There are related links also available there but do check this option too because for petrol XL Classic starts at 5.46ex showroom Mumbai and Dicor will cost u around 7.25 on road. All the Best Cheers Vroomo
  13. nice pics yaar thanks to the bhpian who clicked the pics.. so wat do you think about the interiors and ya i wish to get registered on team bhp how does it work because i guess the site is moderated.. Cheers Vroomo
  14. hey everyone guess nature is the talk of the day.... anyways about indica v3 i guess the looks that new indica sports are quite devilish as compared to the old humble looking indica if one sees from the front... I guess the car will do really well and ya Thanks to vibhor for getting all the info.. Cheers Vroomo
  15. As for spark I am not too sure about the GM service and spares as to whether they are easily available or not..