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  1. yaa thanks speed, ya vibhor the toyota products in india are really costly look at the range innova u need 10lakhs, corrolla u need 12 laksh, then comes cbu camry u need 24lakhs then cbu prado needin around 44lakhs. but i don think their market strategy is weak they are planning somethin big for india lets hope so.
  2. Toyota plans for a small car global launch for India by 09year end nt yaris anyway. i read it in the economic times paper
  3. as you shortlisted pulsar200 and yamaha fz150.... think you cud wait for the launch of fz150,,,, nothing to compare fz150 wud be far better afterall its a Yamaha ,,,you could go for Royal Enfield
  4. IF you are looking for space n comfort uva is the choice and the power is optimum
  5. go for optra magnum, u have mitsubishi cedia also though some doesn like its looks the engine is really powerful and refined
  6. thanks frnds for the reply mine is 1st gen ..think modifications are to be done on the front disc brake
  7. scorpio launched new model vls,,, gosh!!! we have to applaud their R&D team n design team so quickly they r launching various models but the other side of new model is stock availability. Does mhawk needed a change so soon?. As their comptn innova rather has no change at all though safari do have.
  8. thanks buddy i will opt for honda's.
  9. gonna book it sure !!!
  10. hai friends, I gt an unicorn its nw 4yrs colour grey. I am thinkin of remodellin te bike, alloys(honda's) and karizma engine guard . but the alloy honda offering is too expensive. any more tips for remodellin ?.
  11. you cud go for cbf stunner if u cud wait for 1-2mnths
  12. """I can understand about smaller cars being damaged.. but the X5 is a monstrous beast. Getting immobilised by such a little hit is not expected. It should have been built stonger. If u look under the Land cruiser Prado or even our Tata Safari they have metal plates beneath to protect from such damage. It's a sheer example of bad design""" at the author so u wanna teach bmw abt the design haha,,,funny post.
  13. haey i don think he cud get warranty as they avoid wear n tear parts frm warranty better he chk it frm warranty booklet
  14. hai friend ........if u r goin for a 6-7 lakh car the nationalised bank for 6 lakh funding emi - 13,500 interest -12.5% ............................if u r taking frm a private bank better consult they have hidden charges. nationalised banks are safer