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  1. than ill have to check it out!! Thanx buddy!!
  2. NEW UNICORN???? did they modify the previous model!!
  3. No dude!!! I wann fuel efficiency around 55KMPL. n definatly i shouldn encounter any future problem,,, bike should be reliable!!! confused between RTR,,,,UNICORN,,,,,CBF
  4. wat accordin 2 u will be the mileage of both?? is Apache engine deteiorates as time passes!!
  5. Hi Guys!! actually Iam planning to buy a bike n Iam seriously confused between Apache and unicorn My personal specification will be.. Mileage around 60Kmpl, My bike need not be powerful but i wann low maintainanace,, with low Vibration in bike as i wann use this bike 4 many years as i Can!!,, I hve serious likin 4 Apache but sum ppl say that TVS engine is not a good one compare 2 other 150 cc bikes