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  1. Its been almost 5 months i have taken i10 era model...and now almost far no such bad experince...mileage s arnd 14-15 without ac in city...initially it was bit less i guess...regarding buying kappa model i heard that mileage s almost same over thr and offcourse more problem era model might have ,it might be phased off slowly ...
  2. hi All, Again im bit confused between spark top model and i10 kappa.Which one should i go for my criterion remain same better reselling value(after 5 years) and low maintenance cost. tia Soumya
  3. thanks a lot all 4 all the feedbacks.Just a curios question anybody has any idea about the mileage of kappa?
  4. HI All, I am planning to buy a new i10 car.This is my first car and the car knowledge I am having is very less.I am bit confused between i10 Kappa and i10 irde.Can anybody give me any pointers which to buy and why?My priorities are good mileage and good rselling value after 5 years.So,the point i want to know is the extra money I am going to pay for kappa will server me in long run?If possible please shoot me reply in my mail id TIA Soumya